Plan an Unforgettable Eco-Friendly Wedding with Cocoon Flex Spaces

May 12, 2024

Just got engaged? Congratulations! As you start planning your dream wedding celebration, you may be feeling motivated to make it as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. Between the venue, decor, food, favors, transportation and other elements, traditional weddings can create a tremendous amount of waste and have a significant environmental impact.

But your big day doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet. With some creativity and mindful choices throughout the planning process, you can host an incredible eco-friendly wedding that treads lightly on the earth. And with the help of Cocoon Flex Spaces’ expertise and planet-friendly venue options, creating a sustainable yet stylish wedding is easier than ever before.

Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Wedding?

There are so many compelling reasons modern couples are choosing to go the sustainable route for their weddings:

  • Reduce excess waste and minimize your environmental impact
  • Stay true to your values and commitment to caring for the planet
  • Get creative and personalize with decor using recycled, repurposed or upcycled materials
  • Save money with affordable, budget-friendly sustainable choices
  • Feel good knowing you celebrated one of life’s biggest moments responsibly
  • Set an example and inspire your guests to adopt eco-friendly practices

An eco-friendly wedding allows you to have the incredible day you’ve always dreamed of, while being purposeful and mindful about reducing your footprint. And making sustainable swaps is much easier than you might think!

Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue & Location

Choosing the right venue is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors in determining just how eco-friendly your wedding will be. Luckily, Cocoon offers an array of unique indoor and outdoor venues across all five boroughs of New York City that seamlessly blend style and sustainability.

Many of our stunning spaces feature lush living walls, rooftop and vertical gardens, reclaimed wood and stone accents, and other gorgeous eco-friendly elements inspired by nature. Our team of planning experts can guide you to venues and outdoor locations specifically designed to minimize energy usage, waste, and your overall environmental footprint.

When it comes to picking the location, reducing travel is also key for hosting a sustainable wedding. Opt for a venue that’s convenient for the majority of your guests to cut down on transportation emissions from planes, trains, and personal cars. You can even suggest guests consider carpooling if traveling longer distances.

cocoon casa escondida brownstone backyard1
cocoon casa escondida brownstone backyard17
cocoon casa escondida brownstone backyard9

Explore Casa Escondida, or see other Outdoor spaces.

Sustainable Wedding Decor Ideas

The decor and design is where you can truly have fun and let your creativity shine when planning an eco-friendly wedding! Ditch the single-use plastics, excessive floral foam, and other wasteful elements, and instead embrace natural, reusable, recycled and repurposed materials.

  • Use potted plants, tree branches, leaves, fruits, vegetables, moss and fresh florals as centerpieces
  • Rent or buy vintage, antique and secondhand furniture, dishware, glassware and other tabletop decor
  • Use recycled paper, wood, bamboo or biodegradable materials for signs, the guest book, menus and other stationery
  • Make your own decor from sustainable materials like burlap, hemp, cork, fabric or leather scraps
  • Use LED lights, lanterns and candles to reduce electricity and energy usage
  • Work with your florist to choose locally-grown, seasonal, organic and eco-friendly blooms

Don’t be afraid to combine new and recycled, vintage and modern, handmade and store-bought items for a stunning mix of textures. Your sustainable decor will be totally on-trend, add an earthy and natural vibe, and show off your creativity and values.

cocoon casa fm bohemian restaurant full of plants at night
cocoon casa fm huge bohemian restaurant full of plants2
cocoon casa fm huge bohemian restaurant full of plants5

Explore Casa FM, or see other Boho spaces.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Attire & Accessories

You’ve nailed down a gorgeous sustainable wedding venue and breathtaking decor that aligns with your eco-friendly vision – now it’s time to turn your attention to fashion! These days, there are wonderful options for brides, grooms and wedding parties to dress responsibly yet stylishly.

  • Look for pre-owned, vintage or second-hand wedding dresses, suits and attire on resale sites
  • Choose outfits made from sustainable fabrics like linen, silk, hemp, TENCEL or other plant-based materials
  • Rent men’s suits, tuxedos and other formalwear to reduce demand for newly-produced items
  • Buy from ethical, eco-conscious brands committed to sustainable, low-waste garment production
  • DIY accessories like jewelry, hair pieces, bouquets, boutonnieres and sashes using natural elements

You may need to search a bit more, but with an open mind, you and your wedding party can look absolutely incredible on the big day while minimizing your environmental impact. Our SuperConcierge team is also here to support you through this process.

Sustainable Food & Favors

Feeding guests and providing favors at an eco-friendly wedding doesn’t have to create piles of waste. There are so many creative and delicious ways to celebrate sustainably when it comes to cuisine and parting gifts:

  • Work with caterers and food vendors who locally source ingredients and avoid excessive packaging
  • For plated meals, provide a delicious vegetarian or vegan option to reduce your event’s carbon footprint
  • Go for buffet or food station style service to allow guests to take only what they’ll eat, reducing food waste
  • Use ceramic, vintage or recyclable dishware, glassware, napkins and utensils
  • Provide seed packets, small potted plants, or favors like locally-made edibles as eco-friendly guest gifts
  • Donate any unserved prepared food to a local shelter or food bank after the reception

And if you book one of Cocoon’s remarkable venues, our “Casa Managers” will be on-site to help limit any waste, ensure proper disposal and recycling of materials, and make sure every detail runs smoothly.

cocoon casa tranquila backyard rockaway beach
cocoon casa cometa diagonal view house built around huge natural rock3

More Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

Making your wedding as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible requires attention to detail and a mindful approach that carries through every aspect of your planning and celebration:

  • Use recycled or plantable paper embedded with seeds, or go digital for save-the-dates, invitations and RSVPs
  • Provide group transportation like shuttles or suggest ridesharing to cut down on individual cars
  • Set up clearly marked recycling, compost and donation stations for easy disposal during the event
  • Work with photographers, videographers, DJs, bakers, stylists and other vendors committed to sustainable practices
  • Invest in a wedding dress you truly love and can re-sell, repurpose or pass down for future generations
  • Get help from Cocoon’s “SuperConcierge” planning team for start-to-finish expertise and execution of an eco-friendly wedding
  • Instead of physical favors, make a donation to an environmental charity in your guests’ honor
  • Celebrate your newlywed status with a sustainable honeymoon limiting air travel and focusing on eco-tourism

With the right team that understands your priorities and an eco-conscious mentality from beginning to end, creating a phenomenal yet low-impact wedding celebration is completely achievable!

Host Your Eco-Friendly Wedding at Cocoon Flex Spaces

Now that you’re overflowing with inspiring eco-friendly wedding ideas, it’s time to start booking vendors and locking in your sustainable dream venue! Cocoon Flex Spaces has a diverse range of beautiful, thoughtfully-designed spaces across New York City’s boroughs, perfect for hosting your responsibly-chic green celebration.

From lush indoor living wall rooms with floor-to-ceiling plants to expansive outdoor rooftops and terraces with breathtaking skyline views, Cocoon has a stunning venue option to suit all styles and guest counts. Their dedicated team will support you every step of the way, offering expert guidance to pull off a stylish, memorable, and most importantly sustainable wedding.

With unforgettable natural spaces, solar power, reclaimed materials and a steadfast commitment to reducing waste and environmental impact, Cocoon makes it simple to stay true to your eco-friendly values. Your guests will be wowed by the stunning yet responsible setting, and you’ll feel amazing about your small environmental footprint.

If you’re ready to start planning your unique eco-friendly wedding vision, get in touch with the team at Cocoon Flex Spaces today! We’ll bring your sustainable dreams to life and ensure your celebration is as incredible as it is environmentally-conscious.

Don’t wait – your wedding venue is an essential piece in your wedding planning, make sure you book your venue ASAP!

Contact our team today to let us help you find the perfect space for your unique wedding theme.

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