Casa Janka

Chinatown, NY

4 Spaces in 1

Studio 1: Yellow/Orange Couch Room
Studio 2: Blue Walls Skylit Cafe
Studio 3: Open Skylit Workspace/Co-working Area

This 4,000 sq./ft. top floor workspace area + skylight cafe + living room area in Chinatown offers plenty of versatility with options to book with the rooftop. Fully stocked with a kitchenette, sound system, AV projector, and ample variety of props, seating and table possibilities. The 6th floor offers an abundance of natural light and seating options making it the perfect venue for your next off-site meeting, pop-up, workshop, wedding or production.

We have multiple flex options to book this space:

Studio 1 + 2
Studio 1 + Studio 2 + Rooftop
Studio 1 + Studio 2 + Studio 3
Studio 1 + Studio 2 + Studio 3 + Rooftop
Studio 2 + Studio 3
Studio 2 + Studio 3 + Rooftop
Studio 3
Studio 3 + Rooftop

Pricing Disclaimer

The prices shown are our minimum before qualifying your reservation. Additional fees may apply once we have a full understanding of your project, such as: total number of attendees, start and end time of your reservation, vehicles involved (production), the amount of EQ to load in/out, etc. We will provide a quick questionnaire and a full quote before you book the space.

Cleaning Fee

We clean the space before and after each booking to guarantee the space is immaculate for you. Cleaning fees for this space start at $350/1-day booking and vary depending on the studios you choose and whether you are booking an event, an offsite meeting, production, or showroom; guest and/or crew size, equipment loading in/out, and more.
Don’t worry, the full cleaning fee will be clearly stated before you book the space.

Casa Manager Fee

One of our selected expert Casa Managers, Cocoon’s official on-site reps, will be on-site - but out of your way - at all times to overview your booking. As experts in that venue and trained in your rental type, they will be your main POC, welcome you in the space, help you load in and out, set up, and guide you through the space in case you need any assistance. Fees start at $150/1-day booking.

Meet our Casa Managers team.


Starting price of each rental category






Monday to Sunday

6am to 12am
Minimum 6 hours for events
Minimum 8 hours for productions, meetings, & showrooms

*Contact us for late night bookings

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Additional Areas for Rent

High Capacity WiFi

High Capacity WiFi

Natural Light

Natural Light

Extensive Variety of Props
Fire Escape

Fire Escape with Views

Freight Elevator

Freight Elevator

Sound System

Bluetooth Sony Amplifier

Skylight Cafe

Skylight Cafe

Plants for Props

Plants for Props


AV Projector + TV Screen

Changing Room

Changing Room


Rooftop with View


Upright Piano

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