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Imbibe on great cocktails while chatting to friends or making new ones in an inspiring space. Cocktail parties are great occasions for entertaining friends or business associates in an intimate setting. Whether you’re planning a swanky cocktail party, a themed cocktail party, or a cocktail party for your company or fundraiser– our portfolio of spaces has a variety of NYC’s most coveted spaces to fit your needs. Throw a cocktail party on a rooftop overlooking the Manhattan skyline, or at an artist’s loft while you hire someone to play on a grand piano, or host your cocktail party in a cool Chinatown loft with expansive windows and versatile seating— the possibilities for your cocktail party venue are endless.


Cocktail Party Venues to Rent in New York City


Gramercy, Manhattan

4,500 sq./ft exotic Gramercy rowhouse filled with eclectic treasures from around the world.

$335/hr+ $335/hr+ $450/hr+

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Gramercy, Manhattan

A two-floor 2,000 sq./ft penthouse.

$335/hr+ $335/hr+ $450/hr+

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Flatiron, Manhattan 

3000 sqft photo studio 24ft cyc.

$150/hr+ $150/hr+ $275/hr+

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How Booking a Cocktail Party Venues at Cocoon works

Tell us about your cocktail party in NYC

A member of our team will assess your needs to qualify your reservation to ensure we are able to make your vision a reality.

We work with you to custom build your dream cocktail party

We will assign a dedicated support person to help organize admin, catering, vendors, and logistics.

Have a seamless experience in our spaces

At least one Casa Manager will be onsite during your reservation to ensure everything runs smoothly day-of.

What People Are Saying About Our
Cocktail Party Venues in NYC

Kevyn L.

“This was our first time using this space and everything was great, the space is beautiful and the staff was very helpful, we are very much looking forward hosting here again!”

Megan W.

“Incredible and elevated location – so many different nooks in this home that are thoughtfully designed and make the perfect backdrop for a cocktail party.”

Giselle B.

“Light-filled space, tastefully appointed. Cocoon was most cordial and professional host. Very satisfied with the overall experience.”

We Handle Everything

When you book with us you don’t just get a cocktail party venue you also enjoy our inclusive event services.

Specialized Team in Cocktail Parties

You will be assigned a specialized member of our concierge team to help bring your vision for this cocktail party to life. We are professionals in the industry who organize all sorts of events on a daily basis, let us help you make your cocktail party extra special. Tell us what you want or who you want to work with and will present you with all the options for you to choose from to create a cocktail party that will wow your guests.

Cocoon Coordinates with Vendors

Let us handle all the coordination with the vendors you know you want to work with, and if you don’t we’ll reach out to our wide network of vendors to give you options that meet your tastes and budget. We can organize anything you need from flowers, food, bartending, live music, entertainment, decor, furniture rental — anything.

Day of your Cocktail party in NYC

Relax and actually enjoy your own cocktail party, knowing that on the day-of we will assign a Casa Manager to your booking to ensure everything runs smoothly. The Casa Manager is not only an expert on the venue space you are renting but also on event production. They will be out of your way but available to assist you with all your day-of needs including helping set up before guests arrive, coordinating catering and deliveries, showing guests where to go, and help you troubleshoot any day-of issues including tech support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a space with Cocoon?

Contact us and tell us about your event. A member of our customer experience team will assess your needs to ensure we are able to make your vision a reality.

If you decide to move forward, the event manager with whom you spoke will visit the space with you in person and take further notes on your ideas, and will begin organizing decor, catering, other vendors as needed (such as djs, live music, a/v tech, etc.), logistics, and insurance. For the day of the event, you will be assigned at least one Casa Manager (depending on the size of the event) who will be onsite with you to ensure everything runs smoothly and to help coordinate deliveries, guest arrivals, and anything else you may need.

Do you offer event planning services?

Yes! One of the biggest advantages of going with us is you are spared the hassles of searching for caterers, florists, mixologists. We have an extensive list of event vendors and we present you with options.

It is important to note that we believe strongly in supporting our vendor communities to create a diverse business ecosystem in NYC. This means that we do not accept payments from vendors to be listed with us, we do not add a markup of our own to their quotes, and we are constantly seeking to include new and talented vendors in our network.

What types of events can I host in these spaces?

Nearly anything!

  • Private events: Birthday parties, baby showers, family reunions, engagement parties, chef dinners, cocktail parties, Super Bowl parties, leaving town farewell parties, retirement parties.
  • Corporate events: Hackathons, design sprints, multi-day team building retreats, happy hours, company holiday parties, product launches, product showrooms, board of directors meetings.


What happens after we choose to work with Cocoon?

When you choose to work with us, you will be assigned a dedicated event manager to handle your event planning needs. First, we will listen to your idea and event size and present you with an array of space options that fit your needs.

With that foundation in place, we consult with you step-by-step as we build your special occasion. We bring all the options to you—your life will not come to a standstill during this process, we work hard to make sure you experience all of the joy of hosting an event, none of the hassles.

What are my payment options?

Credit card, wire transfer, direct deposit, and Paypal.

What are some of the services you help with?

We secure florists, catering, bartending, photographers, party tents, videographers, after-party bar reservations, car services, hair and makeup, nearby hotels, music, cakes and bakeries, photo booth rentals, performers, lighting equipment, furniture rentals, balloons, and decor. Nearly anything you can think of, we can provide.

Do I need insurance to use your spaces?

Yes. We can help you with this. For weddings, we partner with a few insurance providers and our management team can work with you to get an insurance quote that meets your budget and needs.

Will you be there on the day of the event?

Yes, and ready to handle everything that comes up! You are assigned a Casa Manager who will be there before the event to make sure everything is set up properly; during the event, to make sure everything runs smoothly; and afterward to oversee proper breakdown and clean-up. You are liberated to focus on your guests and special occasion.

Where Are Our Cocktail Party Venues Located?

Reasons to host your event with Cocoon

We are Pros


We area pro staff highly experienced in production that takes care of all your needs. Cocoon offers end-to-end services that feature every conceivable need you will have including prop and furniture sourcing and rental, hair and make up professionals, make up and hair stations, clothing rack rental, light rental and set up, music, catering, literally, anything you can think of.

Our Casa Managers
Are There For You


Our onsite Casa Managers are there before, during and after your event to make sure everything about the location is perfect. All your production assistants will stay dedicated to the work at hand: if the air conditioning needs adjusting, if you need an updated lunch order, if someone needs directions, we are on it. You are free to do your best work.

More Done in Less Time


We are smartly priced and help you save the most valuable thing: your peace of mind. By offering spaces that are professionally managed and homeowner-free and comprehensive event services, our pro team helps you get more done in less time, and saves you money in the long run.

Supporting the Small NYC Business

We’re here to make the city better for small businesses and communities in need. Cocoon was founded with the idea of helping to create the city of the future, where more people have access to great public space and where small businesses can thrive. We regularly scout communities of color to locate and partner with talented emerging vendors, and our business plan is to drive our profits after start-up into funding community projects.

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