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Why Cocoon Is the Best for Your Conference Room Meeting

We’re Original

Switching up routines and exceeding expectations are the key ingredients for breakthrough work. Doing both can start easily with your choice of conference room rental in New York. Imagine your staff arriving for a meeting taking place on the n-tenth floor of a generic midtown building, shuffling into a generic conference room with generic office art on the walls, generic office lighting, and the usual fake leather chairs.

Now imagine your staff arriving at a historic building in an interesting neighborhood. They walk into the room that has been set up just for them. Wow: the decor is special, the space bright with real sun and the furniture has color and personality. A barista greets them and makes specialized coffee orders. The space includes hammocks, bean bag chairs, and upstairs, mats are ready for a rooftop yoga break.

Which day is going to generate fresh ideas and planning, the kind that could help you reach stretch goals for this quarter?

Cocoon specializes in creating NYC conference meeting rooms that spark energy and send company morale through the roof. When you give your staff the gift of a space like no other, you will get results like no other.

We Provide All Event Services

Cocoon’s commitment to crafting a truly special conference room rental experience for your workers, guests, and board starts with the space, and then continues with providing end-to-end service. When you work with us, we shoulder all the aspects of planning, at your direction. We work with an extraordinary network of event providers, and nearly anything you can think of, we can do. A perfect tech set up for showing video and making Zoom conference calls to other offices? Of course. Places set up for private conversation along with places for the group to present ideas? We’ve got it. Gourmet meals and healthy snacks to keep your staff revved up? Yes. Yoga mats and a yoga instructor for a break that will prime your team for the afternoon design sprint? Yep. And when the day is done, we can set the scene with a DJ and mixologist.

That’s not all—in addition to the planning, for the duration of your event, a Casa Manager will be onsite to coordinate service providers, make sure the space is comfortable and handle anything that comes up.

When You’re At Work, Time Is Truly Money

We are smartly priced and we offer an unbeatable proposition: your entire staff will be on task, present and dedicated to the work at hand. Our comprehensive services will save you valuable staff time and in the long run may even end up being less expensive than trying to rent a space and deal with separate vendors.

Conference Room to Rent in New York City


Gramercy, Manhattan

4,500 sq./ft exotic Gramercy rowhouse filled with eclectic treasures from around the world.

$335/hr+ $335/hr+ $450/hr+

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Gramercy, Manhattan

A two-floor 2,000 sq./ft penthouse.

$335/hr+ $335/hr+ $450/hr+

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Flatiron, Manhattan 

3000 sqft photo studio 24ft cyc.

$150/hr+ $150/hr+ $275/hr+

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Examples of When Cocoon’s Conference Room Rental in NYC is a Must

Bringing together a remote team to meet and work

This is a mission critical touchpoint for your staff. Set the tone for your workers about how special your company is.

Gather your board of directors

You want their attention and their support. Let them know you are doing well and appreciate their service.

Hackathons and design sprints

When you plan to gather for a few days to do intense work, providing a great space for that to happen can really affect outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a space with Cocoon?

Contact us and tell us about your event. A member of our customer experience team will assess your needs and present you with options that fit your needs.

Once you’ve booked a space, we will work with you to custom build your work event. You will have a dedicated one-on-one planner who will handle admin and insurance, catering, vendors, and logistics, presenting you with options and then doing the work.

You are assigned a Casa Manager who will be there before the event to make sure everything is set up properly; during the event, to make sure everything runs smoothly; and afterward to oversee proper breakdown and clean-up. Casa Managers can welcome your guests, assist anyone traveling to the event, and do whatever you need so the details are firmly in the background so you can focus on your work and your team.

What type of services would you recommend for a corporate event?

Our event management team will work with you to custom build a corporate meeting that meets your goals and exceeds your expectations. Whether it’s organizing a staff retreat or a day or more of work with team members who have come from out of town—we will deliver an experience tailored to your needs.

We coordinate catering, food delivery, transportation, coffee machine rentals, audio/visual equipment, work stations, white board rentals, meditation and wellness workshops, and yoga sessions. Nearly anything you can think of, we can provide.

What are my payment options?

Credit card, wire transfer, direct deposit, and Paypal.

What types of corporate events can I host in your spaces?

In addition to luxury conference space, we offer happy hour events, company holiday parties, product launches, chef dinners, brand activations, and product showrooms, to name a few.

Do I need insurance to use your spaces?

Yes. We can help you with this. For weddings, we partner with a few insurance providers and our management team can work with you to get an insurance quote that meets your budget and needs.

Do your spaces come equipped with tech?

Every space comes with different specs but if there’s something you need that’s not included, we can get it and set it up for you. We maintain partnerships with a large array of vendors, so we can source all types of products and services for you, from activities to make your event more unique, to chefs, custom prop builders, etc.

If I’m booking this space remotely, will I have peace of mind that everything will happen smoothly?

Yes, we will ensure that all plans are carried out to perfection and we will be onsite with you to handle any issues.

What People Are Saying About
Our Conference Room Rental in NYC

Nicolas S.

“The Cocoon team was very professional. They were very thorough and thoughtful. The space was just like the images and their communication and collaboration helped us have a great meeting!”

Ryan M.

“We rented this East Village apartment out for a corporate video shoot in September 2019. Cocoon was accommodating to our requests and took care of everything for us so that we could put all of our focus into our production. The space worked perfectly for our needs, and we were able to get four great “looks” out of the location for our corporate interviews.”

Rasha C.

“This is a great location- The space is open and airy- with beautiful pieces of furniture and most of the art in the apt is cleared for use!! So thoughtful!! They have someone there to help move furniture and print things if u need it last minute. The location manager was a dream to work with! When things got a bit hairy -he was easy to reach and dedicated to helping my crew. It was really special having someone else care about your meeting like it was his own. I can’t thank Cocoon enough. Will def rent this space again. It’s so versitile and I know Cocoon will be there to help!!”

Working with Cocoon Benefits
Your Conference Room

1. Safety without misery.

This is the time to forgo coworking spaces. Your team will not be encountering people from other offices in the snack area, in the bathrooms. You are free of contact tracing nightmares.

2. Everything is taken care of so all of your staff can be with you.

Assistants and junior staff are key parts of your team. When they have to run around dealing with air conditioning and tracking down lunch, you lose out. At Cocoon, this simply never happens.

3. You are working with an experienced team.

We are proud that most of our luxury conference room and work space business comes through return clients and referrals. We are human-centered. As a BIPOC and LGBTQ+ owned company, we are dedicated to diversity, inclusion and equity in how we conduct our business. We are respectful of your staff and work diligently to make sure everyone has what they need.

Let your vision for your work event soar. Novel experiences for your team will help you achieve your goals, and we can help you create something utterly new. Here are examples of professional meetings Cocoon creates for our clients:

Professional Meetings
Cocoon Creates for Our Clients

Hackathon/Design Sprint/Brainstorming

Your team is going to be working long hours at peak productivity. That starts with a non-office space with lots of bright light, zones to work alone without distraction, to collaborate in small groups, and a great space to share out. Food will be healthy and delicious.

Team building

Bring your remote work teams together for a New York odyssey that will strengthen their connection to your company culture and spark connections with each other. Our customer experience managers will set up the right convening work space, plus great moments beyond the office—we will rent bikes for a tour of Central Park, we’ll get a yoga instructor and mats for rooftop yoga, and so much more.

Pitching a client to win

The first step in creating a winning pitch is to use every way possible to set yourself above and apart from the competition. That starts with creating a wow-moment from the time your client arrives. We create a luxury conference room experience like no other. Our spaces are original, the decor and catering will get their attention. Our tech experts will set up a flawless audio/visual experience and you will have a dedicated Casa Manager onsite who will work behind the scenes to make sure everything is done right, so you can focus on your client.

A board meeting that signals success

When you want to let your board know that they are valued and you are focused on meeting next quarter goals, a luxury conference room that commands respect and admiration is the right choice. We will arrange a space that will send a message of your dedication and creativity to your board. You will have all the right equipment, a Casa Manager will be there to welcome your directors and make sure they are comfortable and have everything they need. You can fully focus on presenting your goals and plans.

Reasons to Host Your Event with Cocoon

We are Pros


We area pro staff highly experienced in production that takes care of all your needs. Cocoon offers end-to-end services that feature every conceivable need you will have including prop and furniture sourcing and rental, hair and make up professionals, make up and hair stations, clothing rack rental, light rental and set up, music, catering, literally, anything you can think of.

Our Casa Managers Are There For You


Our onsite Casa Managers are there before, during and after your event to make sure everything about the location is perfect. All your production assistants will stay dedicated to the work at hand: if the air conditioning needs adjusting, if you need an updated lunch order, if someone needs directions, we are on it. You are free to do your best work.

More Done in Less Time


We are smartly priced and help you save the most valuable thing: your peace of mind. By offering spaces that are professionally managed and homeowner-free and comprehensive event services, our pro team helps you get more done in less time, and saves you money in the long run.

Supporting the Small NYC Business


We’re here to make the city better for small businesses and communities in need. Cocoon was founded with the idea of helping to create the city of the future, where more people have access to great public space and where small businesses can thrive. We regularly scout communities of color to locate and partner with talented emerging vendors, and our business plan is to drive our profits after start-up into funding community projects.

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