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Top Four Reasons to Have Cocoon Handle Your Location Rental and Film Shoot

We are space rental pros — no homeowners

Going through a homeowners for your location shoots is an ad hoc situation, different for every different person. They can’t tell you exactly if the streak on the bathroom wall is an active leak, they need you to sign this contract from the co-op board, and they’d love to be able to be on set.

With Cocoon, you will have a professional and uniform experience understanding the location’s possibilities and various use scenarios. We are the professional space managers, and you will deal with us exclusively. We know our spaces and handle all your setup needs. We understand already that your crew needs a certain amount of footage behind the camera, and we will set you up in a space that works.

We also make scouting and multiple location shoots a breeze. We are able to show you spaces on Facetime, give you measurements—with our varied spaces, you can shoot your whole project with us.

We can get you all the props and decor you need to set up scenes

We have a wide network of decor rental vendors and can get everything you need. You will not spend time wondering about how you are going to get it all to the set. We source furniture, plants, decor, props, we even have access to theatrical scene builders. We can save you vast amounts of staff time and help get you to where you feel your set is there.

We can also provide you with all catering service needs

Don’t worry–we will handle all craft services as well, from the burger-loving crew, to special diets of on screen talent. You will not have to send PAs hither and yon to find special foods, we take care of everything.

We are on set with you the entire time

We assign a Casa Manager to every project to be on set before filming starts to make sure everything is in place, during filming to handle any needs that might come up, and at the end to either supervise set breakdown or to secure or restore the set for next day’s shooting.

Film Locations to Rent in New York City

casa antigua cocoonflexspaces6


Gramercy, NY

4,500 sq./ft exotic Gramercy rowhouse filled with eclectic treasures from around the world.

$335/hr+ $335/hr+ $450/hr+

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Outdoor Wedding in New York City


Greenpoint, NY

Contemporary warm 3,000 sq./ft. 2 story penthouse loft with unbeatable rooftop views of Manhattan.

$355/hr+ $355/hr+ $525/hr+

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cocoon casa janka 1


Chinatown, NY

1,500 sq./ft. top floor with skylight café convertible into 14,000 sq./ft. three floors + rooftop studio.

$215/hr+ $215/hr+ $285/hr+

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How Booking a Filming Location
With Cocoon Works?

Tell us about your film shoot in New York

A member of our team will assess your needs to qualify your reservation to ensure we are able to make your vision a reality.

We work with you to custom build your vision

We will assign a dedicated support person to help organize admin, catering, vendors, and logistics.

Have a seamless experience in our spaces

At least one Casa Manager will be onsite during your reservation to ensure everything runs smoothly day-of.

What People Are Saying
About Our Filming Locations in NYC

Lauren S., Producer

“Beautiful location for documentary interviews. Great, responsive, attentive service by Cocoon!”

Gaelen C., Creative Director

“This space is amazing for filming! Cocoon is a fantastic host with great communication and for filmmakers there are a ton of great looks and options. Highly recommend and looking forward to a future shoot there!”

Darien S., Filmmaker

“This was an amazing space and I can’t overstate how incredibly helpful the Cocoon staff are. From the start of our booking until the end they were attentive and accessible to assist or answer any questions we had about the space. Great hosts.”

Why Cocoon is the Best When
You Need a Filming Space Rental in New York City

When your film is preparing to go into production, time is literally money. Get the best locations and save yourself hassles by working with Cocoon. We are space rental pros experienced in working on film productions. Our portfolio of spaces has serious range — our one-of-a-kind spaces will help you create the perfect setting and mood for your story.
In addition to a wide range of spaces for filming in and around New York City And we also cover every aspect of production, freeing you and your crew to get rid of distractions and just make great work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a space with Cocoon?

Talk to us about what type of production you are doing, your story, and mood. We are location experts and after listening we will present you with suitable options. As we have a multitude of locations we can serve as a “one-stop location shop”, so you can book all your location needs through us. We will do onsite visits with you, provide you with photos, room measurements, and do iPhone tours if you are working remotely.

Once the foundational element of locations are established, we get to work on getting everything set up for you.

What types of services do you offer for TV productions?

We offer an array of production planning services to help make the shoot run smoothly. We can help secure tents, catering, food delivery, coffee, props, furniture rentals, industrial steamers, car services, satellite outdoor spaces, satellite spaces for talent, parking permits and artwork permission.

Are your spaces outside the hot zone?

We will always offer you spaces outside the hot zone. We regularly check to make sure we are up-to-date with any changes.

Will any one be present during filming?

There will be a Casa Manager onsite before you arrive to make sure everything is set up properly and then for the duration of the shoot. Anything at all that comes up with the location, we will handle. Your PAs can stay dedicated to your production.

When shooting wraps, the Casa Manager will supervise breakdown of the set to make sure everything is done properly.

Can we book the space for multiple days?

Spaces can be booked for multiple days or weeks and equipment can be left overnight.

Do I need insurance to use your spaces?

Yes. We can help you with this. For weddings, we partner with a few insurance providers and our management team can work with you to get an insurance quote that meets your budget and needs.

Is the art in your spaces released?

We have a database of which art is released and not, and can identify anything in your location space you want to use.

What are my payment options?

Credit card, wire transfer, direct deposit, and Paypal.

Where Are Our Filming Space Rentals Located?

Reasons to Host Your Event With Cocoon

We are Pros


We area pro staff highly experienced in production that takes care of all your needs. Cocoon offers end-to-end services that feature every conceivable need you will have including prop and furniture sourcing and rental, hair and make up professionals, make up and hair stations, clothing rack rental, light rental and set up, music, catering, literally, anything you can think of.

Our Casa Managers Are There For You


Our onsite Casa Managers are there before, during and after your event to make sure everything about the location is perfect. All your production assistants will stay dedicated to the work at hand: if the air conditioning needs adjusting, if you need an updated lunch order, if someone needs directions, we are on it. You are free to do your best work.

More Done in Less Time


We are smartly priced and help you save the most valuable thing: your peace of mind. By offering spaces that are professionally managed and homeowner-free and comprehensive event services, our pro team helps you get more done in less time, and saves you money in the long run.

Supporting the Small NYC Business


We’re here to make the city better for small businesses and communities in need. Cocoon was founded with the idea of helping to create the city of the future, where more people have access to great public space and where small businesses can thrive. We regularly scout communities of color to locate and partner with talented emerging vendors, and our business plan is to drive our profits after start-up into funding community projects.

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