Powered by Nature

If we don’t take care of the world outside our cities, the world can’t take care of us.

Cocoon is a globally-minded event rental space + services company with a breakthrough vision: nature is our real technology, and cities are powered by it. Right now, urban businesses invest in tech for their companies but are without a thought or plan for people and ecosystems that work in concert to deliver their drinking water, food and fuel.
Cocoon is part of a new generation of business owners who see the city’s role in sustainability as essential to survival and profit. Cocoon is powered by the idea that we must safeguard our oceans, air, and land.
Many of our clients are businesses practicing corporate social responsibility and individuals who want to know their special event will be environmentally responsible. You can count on us as your strong partner.


Actions We Are Taking

An Overall 5% Discount on Your Next Rental For Having a Plastic-Free Event

By now, we all are aware of the devastating consequences food service plastic has on our ocean water and marine wildlife. Cocoon is highly experienced at providing excellent and preferable alternatives to when disposable food service utensils are needed. For our clients who are interested in taking this step, we offer a 5% discount on the overall cost of your next rental with us.

Water Filters in All Locations.

Cocoon is building on elevated urban consciousness around water bottles. Cocoon will greatly reduce waste at your event by making clean filtered water and reusable drinking containers available. This is especially beneficial for film production, where bottled water is a standby that can easily be upgraded. When you’re making an idealistic statement with your art, we make it easy to live your values on set.

Prevent Food Waste.

You know, we know: at the conclusion of your production or event, it is unnerving to look at leftovers and think of the waste created. Cocoon works with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine and community kitchens to help those in dire need, providing life-saving use of leftovers and reducing needless landfill waste. Thus your event helps drive a cycle of wellness in the city.

Adding New Talent to Our Network from small local businesses and BIPOC Communities

The relationship between environmental justice and social justice is clear. As part of our dedication to elevating the health of the city, we constantly scout and partner with BIPOC business owners in the events industry. We work with talented caterers, photographers, videographers, make-up artists, and entertainers who are excellent at their jobs and need opportunities. We are always on the lookout! We do not keep a “closed” list of vendors and we never charge vendors to be on our list.

Recycling Paper, Plastic and Aluminum

Wherever feasible, we make separate receptacles available at events for recycling and recycle according to what the building management makes possible.

Our Business, Our City, Nature:
How We Work Together

Our founder, Eduard Monteagudo, began forming the idea for Cocoon as an architecture student in Barcelona. His study of buildings naturally led to an interest in how well buildings clustered in communities, i.e. cities, serve the health of inhabitants, and contribute to the sustainability—or harm—of our planet.

Through study of architectural history, Eduard saw how in the past, buildings in cities were planned and built as self-contained entities for self-determined use. But in our post urban-renewal era, any new or renovated building is now judged for its intent to improve public life, through public space, commercial space for shops that offer goods and services to the community, or living space for low-income earners.

And as cities consist of buildings and united populations, Eduard saw the potential of cities to make big impacts on everything from social justice to principled use of resources.

This set Eduard on a mission for the initial phase of his career: he would start a business where existing urban structures could be purposed for creating a better city. He founded Cocoon, a business that would make spectacular real estate otherwise sitting unused accessible to individuals and businesses for a wide variety of purposes. And with the space, he would offer luxury-grade yet smartly priced event services using the very best and widest network of vendors, creating economic opportunity. There would be no generic packages; there would be one-on-one personal service and superlative event management.

Today, Cocoon is proud to be a premium, event space + community maker dedicated to creating a new blueprint for urban businesses: we create delight and excellence in our work, and support the city that is supporting us.

We want to hear from you.
What other actions should we take?

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