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Why Book Your Sweet 16 Venue with Cocoon

We offer the perfect space for your Sweet 16.

They only turn 16 once. Throw a Sweet 16 birthday party they’ll never forget. Whether you’re envisioning a themed party for their friends, a party for both friends and family, or something out of the box that will really impress guests, we have a space that will fit your tastes and budget. We are professionals in the industry who organize all sorts of events on a daily basis. Let us help you throw the celebrant’s dream Sweet 16.

Onsite specialized support means you can be our guest.

On the special day, a Casa Manager will be onsite before the event to make sure everything is set up perfectly, during the event to supervise event staff and discreetly and quickly manage anything that comes up. If the room is too hot, too cold, if an incoming guest needs a cell phone number to call because they’re trying to find the place, if someone wants to know what time the cake is being cut, your Casa Manager will take care of it all.

SuperConcierge service for Sweet 16 event planning.

You don’t need the planning of this sweet 16 to take over your life, let us handle everything for you. We’re a one-stop shop. Tell us what you want, and we handle all the logistics, so don’t have to. We can organize anything you need from flowers, food, bartending, live music, entertainment, decor, furniture rental, swag gifts — anything. 

Casa FM 4

Discover a Cocoon Sweet 16 Venue Near You



Greenpoint, NY

Contemporary warm 3,000 sq./ft. 2 story penthouse loft with unbeatable rooftop views of Manhattan.

$305/hr+ $350/hr+ $460/hr+

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cocoon casa fm 6


Williamsburg, NY

7,500 sq./ft. airy industrial design with impeccable touches of Mediterranean textiles.

$490/hr+ $505/hr+ $850/hr+



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Prospect Heights, NY

Just five minutes from Prospect Park, Casa Escondida is a 3,850 sq/ft brownstone charmingly located in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood. 

$275/hr+ $295/hr+ $470/hr+

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casa adria cocoonflexspaces4


Greenpoint, NY

Pro-kitchen 2500 sqft skylit studio.

$125/hr+ $125/hr+ $225/hr+

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What Clients Say About Cocoon Sweet 16 Venues NYC

“Thank you to Cocoon. The entire day went smoothly, and the Cocoon team was there to help us with ever aspect of the Sweet 16. I loved the natural light and greenery to brighten up the space. I look forward to hosting with them again.”

Jamie O.,
Mom of Guest of Honor

“Cocoon was a great host. The Sweet 16 space was exactly as depicted in photos, and we are really happy with how everything turned out. I would definitely book again.”

Allison W.,

Event Planner

  “Super cool space for a Sweet 16 venue. The Cocoon staff was very helpful and accommodating.”



Dana C.,
Event Planner

What Cocoon Can Do for You

Unique Sweet 16 Venues

A Sweet 16 should be just as memorable as it is joyous. Our unique venues are a dream come true for such a memorable occasion.

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We don’t just have empty rooms with flowers and ribbons: we offer some of the most coveted real estate in New York City, design-focused spaces with charm and personality. You are like no other, and we have Sweet 16 spaces like no other for you.

More Time to Enjoy the Day

You can only celebrate 16 once. Our only focus is ensuring the guest of honor enjoys it. Book with Cocoon and be a guest at your own event.

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Or maybe it’s not your day – may be it’s the birthday of someone you love. You want to go all out to show your appreciation and admiration. Let us create an extraordinary event to wow both you and the guest of honor.


Property Owner Free Locations

Having no property owners on site allow the young celebrant and their guests to fully embrace the moment without feeling monitored.

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Rest assured every Cocoon space is already owner approved and cleared for you to rent. You only communicate with us on space details, cost, and availability.

Onsite Casa Managers

There are always countless details to coordinate. It helps to have an extra hand, especially an event management pro.

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Our Casa Managers are there with you on the day of your booking to do anything you ask. We just need your direction and we can make it happen. We can assist with lighting, delivery and set up, and more.

Super Concierge Service

Precise coordination, extraordinary results. Our concierge service handles all your event details from catering to flowers and decor.

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We create events. We do everything, from “sleek high society New York” to “nature, light and balconies.” We can modify your space to suit you, and the best thing is, we will bring you all the options. All the event calling and wrangling will be handled by us. We are at your service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer event planning services?

Yes! One of the biggest advantages of going with us is you are spared the hassles of searching for caterers, florists, mixologists.

We secure florists, catering, bartending, photographers, party tents, videographers, after-party bar reservations, car services, hair and makeup, nearby hotels, music, cakes and bakeries, photo booth rentals, performers, lighting equipment, furniture rentals, balloons, and decor. Nearly anything you can think of, we can provide. We have an extensive list of event vendors and we present you with options.

Can I bring my own catering company?

If you already have a caterer you like and know, of course you are welcome to use that company. If you do not, we do have an extensive network of caterers. Once you have confirmed your space rental with us, our event team will listen to your must-haves and wishes about food and service (buffet versus table service, for example) and we will release your request to our network and source the best quotes for you.

What is your starting hourly rate for event space rentals?

Our base hourly rate for event space rentals begins at $150/hr with a 4-hour minimum.

Why do I need a COI to book your spaces?

As the person renting a space, you will have a series of legal responsibilities by default such as preventing any personal injury or property damage liabilities. Having a COI can help you protect yourself against potential liabilities as a space renter. For Private Events, our Booking Team can assist you in obtaining a cost-effective COI for your event. We have worked extensively with a couple of online platforms that offer reliable and reasonably-priced Certificates of Insurance.

Can I serve alcohol to the adults?

Yes – you can serve liquor to all your guests over 21 years old.

Are bands allowed in your spaces?

It depends on the property – please check with your Booking Manager as each of our properties have different guidelines around live music.

May I use the fridge or freezer in your properties?

Yes – all of our properties have fridges and/or freezers that are available for you to use during your reservation. Please ensure to communicate your needs with your Booking Manager beforehand so that everything will be prepped and ready upon your check-in.

Can I or my chef cook in your spaces?

Yes – you and/or your team, chef, or food stylist will have full access to the kitchen in any of our spaces where the kitchen is available.

Can I hang anything on the walls in your spaces?

We typically do not allow the use of invasive procedures to hang anything on walls – such as the use of nails, etc. If you do need to hang something on the walls, please speak with your Booking Manager so that they may suggest a way to do so without leaving any traces on the walls.

Do you allow candles in your spaces?

Unfortunately, we do not allow open flame in our spaces to avoid any potential damages, injuries, and liabilities.

How will my vendors find the space that I book from you?

Once you have confirmed your vendors, whether they were booked through us or not, please put them in touch with your Booking Manager. We can coordinate arrival and deliveries with your dedicated Casa Manager who will be on-site during your booking.

Can your team meet my vendors when they arrive?

Absolutely – we allow vendors to arrive to the property up to 45 minutes before your booking’s official check-in time. Your dedicated on-site Casa Manager will be able to handle arrivals and deliveries on your behalf.

Do you have tables and chairs on-site that I can use?

Many of our spaces have plenty of seating options for a wide range of guest counts. For spaces that don’t have chairs or tables available for your guest count, our Concierge Team will be able to provide quotes within your budget for rentals of additional chairs and tables.

Do you allow DJs in your spaces?

It depends on the property – due to certain sound constraints, we normally only allow DJs in our commercial properties. Please consult your Booking Manager so they can confirm this information for you for the property that you are interested in.

When can I access the space to start setting up?

While we will allow vendors to arrive and make deliveries up to 45 minutes before your booking time, actual setup and breakdown has to be included within your reservation window. Our Casa Manager will allow you access to the property 5 minutes prior to your check-in time.

Are there linens in your spaces available for my booking?

No – our Concierge Team is happy to assist with renting linens for you that fits within your budget.

Is there dish-ware available for my reservation?

It depends on the property – we usually require your caterer or food provider to bring dish-ware for your booking. Otherwise, our Concierge Team can coordinate rentals for you if needed. Please consult your Booking Manager so they can confirm this information for you for the property that you are interested in.

Does our caterer need to provide a COI as well to access your spaces?

Yes – we require your caterer to provide a COI at least 48 hours prior to the start of your reservation.

Do you have preferred vendors you work with?

We have a vendors database of over 400+ local vendors. Our Concierge Team can assist with sourcing vendors, getting quotes, and coordinating logistics for all orders, deliveries, and returns for you.

Do you have spaces with elevators?

Yes – we have many spaces with elevators. Please check with your Booking Manager so they can send a list your way.

Do I need an event coordinator? My event is very small and low-key.

While you don’t need to provide one of your own, we will always have a dedicated Cocoon Casa Manager on-site at each booking. This service is both provided and required for two reasons:
1. Casa Managers act as an extension of you and your team and can help you in any way you need to ensure a successful event. They are experts in the space, and can relieve some stress for you by helping you navigate a space you’re unfamiliar with. They are there from beginning to end to assist with everything from deliveries to guest arrival to troubleshooting issues and through to breakdown and resetting the space.
2. Casa Managers are there to ensure that your booking will not impact the property, the building, neighbors, and surrounding communities in any negative ways. They are there to help prevent any damages and liabilities on your end as well as protect the property for the owner.

What’s included in the cleaning services you include in all reservation quotes?

We do a cleaning of the entire space before and after your event. This cleaning includes the floors, all surfaces, bathrooms, and all rooms accessible during your booking. This does not include dishes, laundry, or resetting furniture. At the end of the day, all cans, cups, food waste, and disposable items should be separated into their proper receptacles and our Cleaning Team will take care of the rest.

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