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Looking to Boost Your Passive Real Estate Income?

The answer should always be yes, right? Your empty, flexible, or under-utilized real estate space is a continuous opportunity to generate more revenue. The trouble is  that you are busy handling the many other things that have brought you to the point of being able to invest in real estate – you are busy being successful.

 Cocoon makes it easy for you to make a great return off your space without having to take on the responsibility of being a rental host. We market your space out for private events, production locations, offsite meetings, corporate events, and showrooms. 

 Our dedicated team generates rental leads, maintains your property, manages your bookings, and more. You have total control over confirming bookings in your space. Cocoon never books an event without your express approval. You can monetize your space while being minimally involved and trust that we will do everything to protect you and your home. 

 From Marketing to Booking, we minimize risk to ensure low liability and maximum revenue.


What Type of Property Owner Are You?

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You are looking to increase the income on your rental space so that the extra revenue can be put towards paying down your mortgage. The space you are mortgaging could actually cover its own costs. List your space with Cocoon, and whenever it is vacant, Cocoon can rent it out for productions, private events, and more.

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You are a business or retailer exploring the options to finance your purchase or rental of flex real estate. It can often be costly to have empty rental space just sitting on the market. Cocoon is your go-to for financing your space. We offer end-to-end space rental and event support from marketing to booking. We also ensure low liability.

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You are a wealth manager looking for a low-overhead, high-return opportunity to increase the value of your client’s real estate portfolio. Cocoon provides experienced professionals in property and event management. We deliver customized real estate income models for different types of properties and financial goals.

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You are a real estate agency or an equity firm with tens or hundreds of assets constantly on the market waiting to be sold. We can fill in the vacancy gaps and monetize the asset for you and your client while you sell the property.  From Marketing to Booking, Cocoon is a team of experts in risk and event management.

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You are a property management firm or corporate landlord with vacancies in your portfolio. Between lease terms,  rent your available spaces out for productions, showrooms, private and corporate events, or meetings. From Marketing to Booking, we ensure our time in your space is low impact and low liability.

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You are looking for income streams, outside grants, and donations to fund community projects or services. The Cocoon flex space model provides a creative new revenue stream for public spaces and cultural institutions. We can help you build a model to monetize your space during the vacancy hours. 

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You are a church or spiritual organization looking to increase income or raise funds for operating costs, to assist a family in need, or support a community project. Cocoon provides an opportunity to earn extra income by renting your church or spiritual space out when vacant for productions, showrooms, events and more.

What Cocoon Offers Property Owners

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Property Lead Generation and Management

SuperConcierge Services

Property Maintenance and Management

Property Optimization and Consultation

Casa Manager Onsite during Bookings

Risk Management & Insurance

Why List Your Space with Cocoon

No Upfront Costs,
High Return on Investment

Once the space tour is completed and contract confirmed, our Operations, Marketing, and Sales teams immediately get to work at absolutely no cost to you. All space rental profit is split 50/50.

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We set effective benchmarks and lead and booking goals to ensure that we meet your revenue expectations. All profits from the bookings are split 50% between Cocoon and the property owner. Looking to generate more rental income? The more available your space, the greater the opportunity for bookings and payouts.

A Dedicated Support Team of Property & Event Pros

Your life’s ambition was never to be a rental host. We are space and event management professionals with years of experience and hundreds of successful events.

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All we need is your feedback and approval on bookings and space availablity. Typically, our communication only takes a few minutes at a time. We don’t ask you to chat with leads, calculate costs, or do any type of cleaning or heavy-lifting. We do that for you. We also guarantee 100% privacy, so that you never speak with rental clients. Your time is best spent passively investing, and ours is best spent doing all we can to ensure your investment continues to produce return.

Insurance &
Risk Management

Cocoon takes enhanced precautions to ensure your space is fully insured and properly cared for to prevent risk. Every renter is required to obtain a $1M insurance policy.

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Whenever an event occurs, there is never a single moment where clients are in the space without the presence of a Cocoon Casa Manager. The Casa Manager is there before the event to supervise set up; present during the event to monitor use of the space, and afterward to manage cleanup and resetting of the space so it is fresh and ready for you

Transparency &
Analytics Dashboard

We are committed to transparency, trust, and reliability. Property owners can track bookings and earnings bi-weekly though their property owner dashboard along with monthly owner touchbases.

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Upon login, your custom property dashboard details received and pending earnings, earnings by timeframe and booking type, earnings by flex rental type, and number of bookings hosted and upcoming. We want our clients to be in the loop at all times. The property owner dashboard is available to clients 24 hours a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to sign a contract with Cocoon?

Yes, every Cocoon space owner must sign a 6-month exclusivity contract. During this time, Cocoon markets your space at no cost to you, and you agree to list exclusively with Cocoon. Once the contract has ended, the space owner may continue to contract or terminate without penalty.

What are the steps of the onboarding process?

Once you complete the Monetize Your Space form, a Cocoon team member will contact you to initiate the discovery call. If necessary, we will schedule a tour to assess the space for best use. Once onboarded, the Cocoon Marketing team will schedule a free photography session and strategize a full marketing plan for your space. We add your space to event marketplaces and launch a webpage on the Cocoon website. Our Sales team then begins to nurture leads for your approval.

What is my liability risk when operating rentals under your model?

Cocoon is proud to have a 0.1% ratio or risk. We also employ onsite Casa Managers to minimize risk and we require a certificate of insurance from every client.

Will I be able to block out dates for personal use of space?

Yes.  Please keep in mind that we need a minimum of 50% availability to be able to meet financial goals.

I live in the property. Will I still be able to work with you?

Yes. However, we will want to ensure that the space is available to accomodate the frequency of events. Before confirming the contract, we will discuss your usage of the space.

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If you’re ready for a no-hassle way to free up your time and gain passive income, contact us.
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