Our Favorite NYC Rooftops to Watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Dec 4, 2023

World-renowned for its spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations and vibrant atmosphere, New York City is truly a special place to ring in the new year. During the holiday season, the city’s energy is electric. And, in addition to the iconic ball drop in Times Square, there are countless ways to celebrate the new year in NYC. Although enjoying a beautiful fireworks display on New Year’s Eve is a popular tradition in many places around the world, being able to watch fireworks erupt over the breathtaking New York City skyline is truly an unique experience. Even better, enjoying the countdown and fireworks show from a fabulous NYC rooftop can truly take your New Years celebration to the next level. Some of the most spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks displays every year take place at Central Park, along the Hudson River, and along the East River. Because watching the fireworks in NYC from a rooftop provides the ultimate vantage point for viewing all displays, hosting rooftop parties for New Year’s Eve has become more and more popular. Not to mention, having access to a private rooftop adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to any New Year’s Eve event. Discover all there is to know about hosting a rooftop party for New Year’s Eve in NYC!

The Origin of New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Have you ever wondered why fireworks are traditionally set off on New Year’s Eve? Fireworks on New Year’s Eve have a long history and symbolize a variety of different things. One reason for their use is to mark the passage of time, welcoming the new year with a grand celebration. Fireworks are also believed to have originated from ancient traditions aimed at warding off evil spirits and bringing good luck for the coming year. Their bright lights and loud sounds were thought to scare away malevolent forces. The spectacle of fireworks was used to create a sense of jubilation, hope, and positivity for the year ahead. Over time, this tradition evolved into a widespread practice across different cultures and countries. Today, fireworks on New Year’s Eve are a way for communities to come together in celebration. The colorful displays are a symbol of optimism, new beginnings, and the hope for a prosperous and happy year ahead.

Our Favorite Rooftops in NYC for Watching the Fireworks

Now, for the fun part – deciding where to host your event! When choosing a rooftop for your New Year’s Eve party, Cocoon has several extraordinary options.

1. Casa Caeli

Casa Caeli is a gorgeous triplex penthouse in Greenpoint NYC that boasts an incredible rooftop terrace with stunning views of the East River (where there are usually great fireworks displays every New Year’s Eve) and of the Manhattan skyline. With its nice, open kitchen, it’s perfect to have a private chef or catered food. There are also a few fun amenities like a pool table, projector, and screening room, which can be integrated into your party plan.

Explore Casa Caeli, or see other Rooftop spaces.

2. Casa Boto

Casa Caeli is a gorgeous triplex penthouse in Greenpoint NYC that boasts an incredible rooftop terrace with stunning views of the East River (where there are usually great fireworks displays every New Year’s Eve) and of the Manhattan skyline. With its nice, open kitchen, it’s perfect to have a private chef or catered food. There are also a few fun amenities like a pool table, projector, and screening room, which can be integrated into your party plan.

Explore Casa Boto, or see other Rooftop spaces.

3. Casa Janka

Casa Janka is a large space with a kitchen, piano, and tons of funky lounge furniture indoors. Outside, its rooftop is the picture of a classic NYC rooftop. With its industrial energy, dome windows, and large layout, this rooftop is quintessential NYC. Perhaps most importantly, its views of the Manhattan Bridge and skyline, East River, and Brooklyn are second to none!

Explore Casa Janka, or see other Rooftop spaces.

Tips For Throwing A Rooftop New Year’s Eve Party in New York City

If you’re considering hosting a rooftop party in NYC for New Year’s Eve, definitely keep the following in mind:

1. Cold Weather Conditions

New Year’s Eve in NYC is right in the middle of winter, so it can get pretty chilly. You’ll want to make sure your guests won’t freeze! Make sure the venue has ample indoor space in addition to the rooftop so people can enjoy themselves both indoors and outdoors. Consider renting heat lamps as well to create a more comfortable environment in the cold. Have a rain plan in place – if there is no indoor space, consider renting a tent, and always have plenty of umbrellas on hand.

2. Food and Beverages

Since you’re hosting a fabulous NYE celebration, you most likely have already been thinking about the cocktail menu, but don’t forget to have plenty of food for your guests! Even if you’re not hosting a dinner party, your guests might get hungry as the party will run late. Consider finger foods or late-night snack options for your midnight snackers!

Despite the weather conditions, you will want to make sure you can keep your hot food warm, and your cold beverages cool. If you want to serve food hot during a rooftop event, you might want to use insulated carriers or chafing dishes. Chafing dishes work wonders at retaining food’s heat for long periods of time. If you need any assistance or guidance with sourcing these items, our Concierge Team is a great resource! Also, a slow cooker, which can be placed on a table or counter, is always a great way to keep food warm.

As for your drinks, having a cooler on hand is the easiest and most effective way to keep your drinks cold. Chill the beverages in the fridge before packing them in the cooler, and don’t forget to fill your cooler with ice to maintain the temperature!

3. Safety

When organizing an event on a rooftop in New York City, you must consider the possible risks and dangers. Events held on rooftops can be a great way to celebrate and take in the city skyline, but they also present a special set of difficulties. Rooftop event insurance can help with that. The purpose of rooftop event insurance is to shield you and your attendees from potential mishaps or events that can happen during your gathering. Numerous hazards, such as falls, property damage, and even cancelation due to bad weather, are covered by this kind of insurance. The policy you select for rooftop event insurance in NYC should be tailored to your individual requirements. Cocoon has ample experience working with insurance providers; we can make the process stress-free so you have more time to focus on your event. Booking with Cocoon also ensures that the venue has appropriate safety measures in place, such as railings, non-slip surfaces, and adequate lighting so that your guests can move around safely. Our onsite Casa Managers are also there to minimize risk and assist with anything you may need.

4. Rooftop Access

Since you’re organizing an event on a rooftop, you’ll have to consider the accessibility options for attendees to get up there. While an elevator may be the most obvious way to get guests to the top floor, it isn’t always an option as not every location will have an elevator available. Consider any ADA restrictions you may be facing when choosing your venue to ensure that all guests will have access to the spaces.
For locations with elevators, consider the number of guests that you will be hosting as well as the size of the elevator. If you foresee this being an issue or bottle-neck for the event, hiring an elevator attendant to control the flow of guests may be helpful in making sure everyone reaches the rooftop securely. For Cocoon rentals, guests can see our onsite Casa Manager to direct them to the event and assist with riding the elevator.

For spaces without elevators, our Operations Team can assist you with tips for accessibility in spaces prior to your event. When planning an event, stairs might be an excellent substitute for elevators, particularly for smaller venues. But it’s crucial to check that the steps are well-marked and well-lit. To direct people to the rooftop, think about putting balloons or signs along the route. Make sure there are no risks or obstructions on the stairs as well. Regardless of the approach you take to invite people to the rooftop, effective communication is essential.

5. Furniture & Decor

Don’t leave your guests standing! Think about the number of guests and the style of the event when selecting furniture. In addition to providing enough space for people to mingle and dance, you should make sure there is enough seating and plenty of tables for everyone. For a more laid-back atmosphere, high-top tables and bar stools are ideal, but outdoor lounge furniture like couches and armchairs can also create a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

6. Party Favors & Props

Ringing in the New Year is a cause for commemorating the event with plenty of pictures! Set up a photo booth station with props and silly backdrops so guests can take plenty of pics. For a more simple way to encourage photos during your event, provide polaroid cameras or disposable cameras that guests can use. NYE party favors like hats, horns, and silly glasses are always simple ways to add to the festive fun!

7. Theme

Although ringing in the new year obviously doesn’t need any theme, it can still be fun to have one! For example, throwing a Roaring 20s-themed party for NYE is always an entertaining option. Invite guests to dress like their favorite Great Gatsby character, integrate vintage-inspired decorations, and serve fabulous cocktails and mocktails (search Pinterest for “Great Gatsby Drinks” to get ideas). You could even integrate the theme into the menu, including items like oysters, deviled eggs, ribbon sandwiches, and caviar.

8. Noise

Events held on rooftops are a popular way to take in the fresh air and stunning views, but they also run the risk of noise level violations. These infractions may cause annoyance to nearby residents and may have legal ramifications for the event planners. Regulations pertaining to noise levels should be considered when organizing and conducting rooftop events. For instance, the Noise Code governs noise levels in New York City. The code states that in residential areas, noise levels are limited to 37 decibels at night (10pm-7am) and 42 decibels during the day (7am-10pm).

When planning rooftop events, event planners should consider the time of day and the proximity to other residences to avoid violating noise levels. Additionally, they ought to think about utilizing tools that block out noise, like soundproof panels or sound barriers. It is noteworthy that infractions pertaining to noise levels may lead to penalties and legal consequences. For instance, a noise infraction in New York City carries a potential fine of $8,000. Organizers of events bear the responsibility of making sure their activities don’t disrupt the neighboring community.

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