Rent A Backyard In NYC: Top 7 Backyard Rental Venues For Outdoor Activities

May 26, 2023

Are you planning an event in New York City but struggling to find the elusive perfect venue? Hosting events outdoors has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Recent research shows that being surrounded by nature can decrease stress levels and improve overall well-being. A study conducted by the University of Michigan found that just 20 minutes in nature can significantly lower cortisol levels, the hormone associated with stress.
Along with health benefits, hosting your event in a backyard can provide a unique and personal atmosphere that traditional indoor event spaces simply can’t match. Backyard rentals offer a cozy setting, encouraging your guests to feel more comfortable to engage. Hosting a backyard event also provides a lot of flexibility and optionality for laying out the space. Figuring out seating charts or floor plans for indoor parties can sometimes be tricky given certain space constraints. With outdoor events, you often have nothing but open space and opportunity. You can plan the seating, decor, props, and DJ set-up anywhere you see fit. You’ll have the freedom to design and decorate the space according to your preferences and style, which means a more customized and personalized event.
Casa Escondida Backyard Space
CASA ESCONDIDA: A private, tranquil space for you and your guests to escape from the city.
Outdoor events like backyard parties are also more environmentally friendly than indoor events, as they require less energy and resources to set up and run. This is particularly important for events that place an emphasis on sustainability – an important focus for the Cocoon team as well as for many of our clients.

For clients focused on business growth and exposure, hosting an event in a beautiful and rare space in New York City can provide an impressive marketing opportunity for your business or organization. By promoting your event as an outdoor gathering, you can differentiate it from other events in your industry and draw attention to your brand. Overall, there are many reasons why hosting your guests in a private backyard space could be the best choice for your type of event.

From baby showers to yoga retreats, here are four of Cocoon’s top-rated outdoor events and the best backyard spaces to host them in.


Backyard Weddings

Backyards offer a charming and memorable setting for a small, intimate wedding. They can also be incredibly romantic, especially on a beautiful summer day or when held at night under the stars. There’s something magical about being surrounded by nature in an urban environment, with the twinkling lights overhead, that creates an unforgettable atmosphere. Additionally, because backyard weddings are typically smaller and more personal you’ll have more opportunities to connect with your guests and enjoy the special moments of your big day.

CASA OLYMPIA: A thoughtfully landscaped backyard with an elevated deck and lux patio furniture.
Just minutes from the iconic Prospect Park, Casa Olympia’s backyard space is a hidden gem in the heart of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Casa Olympia features a 2,100 sq. ft. patio and backyard area – often described as an oasis of greenery, with lush flowers and trees surrounding the space. Well-manicured and well-landscaped, Casa Olympia’s backyard also features a deck overlooking the area and providing a perfect spot for guests to relax and take in the scenery. Casa Olympia is also equipped with a ground level deck, ideal for taking your vows or as additional seating space for your guests.
CASA ROCKWELL: An ideal backyard space in upstate New York, with spacious areas both indoors and outdoors to create memorable moments for your wedding.
Need a backyard space for a larger wedding? Located in Upstate New York, Casa Rockwell is a beautiful and spacious backyard venue located on three acres of land just one hour and thirty minutes outside of the city in Montgomery, NY. This backyard space features a large pool and outdoor sundeck and is reminiscent of a Rockwell painting, with an idyllic dreamscape that will make your wedding absolutely unforgettable. Casa Rockwell can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Explore Casa Diamond or Casa Rockwell, or learn more about hosting your next Small Wedding with Cocoon.

Baby Showers

Hosting your baby shower in a backyard space can provide the perfect atmosphere for your guests to hug, laugh, play, and celebrate the new baby. An outdoor setting is also a great opportunity to incorporate fun outdoor games and activities, such as a baby-themed scavenger hunt or an outdoor photo booth. Backyard baby showers also incorporate natural elements into the decor, such as flowers and greenery, which can create a serene and inviting environment ahead of your new arrival.

CASA DIAMOND: A well-maintained yet simple backyard space in the city for you to create your own theme and backdrop.
With its picturesque 1,000 sq. ft. backyard and convenient location in Prospect Heights, Casa Diamond is ranked highly by soon-to-be parents because of its open layout and design-focused outdoor amenities. For baby showers, the railroad-shaped backyard makes it easy to arrange seating in a way that best suits your needs, and the second-story deck provides additional seating options or an elevated platform for shower gifts or food and beverage. An additional floating deck is located at the rear of the backyard and can be used for catering, live music, and more. Casa Diamond can host up to 30 guests.

Explore Casa Diamond or learn more about hosting your next Baby Shower with Cocoon!

Urban Retreats

If you’re looking for a peaceful and distraction-free space in the city for a retreat a private, serene backyard may be your best choice. Whether you need space to brainstorm as a team, to bond with colleagues, to meditate, to connect with nature, or to just escape, discovering uncommon NYC backyard spaces may be the answer to finding the peace and quiet you need to accomplish your goals.

CASA ESCONDIDA: With endless opportunities for different layouts, decor, and uses, the backyard space at Escondida is the ideal venue to get away and reconnect with nature.
The newest addition to the Cocoon portfolio, Casa Escondida’s beautiful double-lot backyard in Prospect Heights is the perfect place for you and your group to connect with nature. Spanish for “hidden,” Escondida is a completely screen-free space indoors and outdoors, designed for ultimate relaxation and decompression. Casa Escondida features an expansive, private backyard with a stepping stone path and L-shaped floating deck. Hosting up to 50 guests comfortably, Casa Escondida provides a spacious and creative outdoor layout ideal for all retreat activities.
CASA TRANQUILA: View of the backyard from second floor; the backyard space at Casa Tranquila is a marvelous extension of the serenity that permeates the zen space indoors.
Minutes from Rockaway Beach, Casa Tranquila is a peaceful indoor/outdoor sanctuary in Queens with a range of relaxing and retreat-inspired amenities. The backyard features your choice of meditation areas including two rustic wooden decks surrounded by polished black stones. The backyard also includes an outdoor shower, ideal for refreshing yourself after your meditation sessions. With its peaceful and natural surroundings, Casa Tranquila is the perfect space to unwind and rejuvenate in NYC.

Explore Casa Escondida or Casa Tranquila, or learn more about hosting your next Urban Retreat with Cocoon!

Outdoor Yoga

Exercising outdoors also has its share of health benefits. From lowering your blood pressure to minimizing stress levels, outdoor fitness activities like yoga allow you to connect with nature and improve overall health. Natural light is also a major benefit of practicing yoga in a backyard or outdoor space. Research shows natural light increases the mood-enhancing brain chemical, serotonin to create a calmer and more serene yoga experience. Whether your are hosting a private or group yoga class, backyard venues provide a relaxing outdoor space allowing you to be grounded and one with nature.

CASA EXIMIA: A retreat in the Hamptons, just far enough from the city to enjoy the expansive greenery and nature.
Located in the Hamptons, Casa Exímia is set on five acres of sprawling green land and includes a swimming pool and lounge with elevated wood deck. Exímia’s beautiful country scenery is the perfect setting for outdoor yoga, and the nearby water features encourage calmness, better control of emotions, improved energy levels, and reduced levels of stress.

Explore Casa Exímia or learn more about hosting your next Outdoor Yoga event with Cocoon!

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