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Why Book Your Press Conference with Cocoon

Search unique and design-focused press conference venues in NYC.

Cocoon features unique press conference venues for rent, offering a perfect blend of versatility and creativity to cater to events of all sizes. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand-scale press conference, our thoughtfully designed spaces provide an ideal setting to make a lasting impact. Additionally, for those seeking a captivating outdoor ambiance, we offer outdoor press conference venues that boast breathtaking city views and a refreshing atmosphere. 

Onsite specialized support means more time for your audience.

From the moment clients step into our venue, our dedicated Casa Managers become their trusted partners, handling all logistical aspects to guarantee a seamless execution. They take charge of coordinating setups, managing audiovisual equipment, and ensuring that everything is in place for a successful press conference. With their expert eye for detail and proactive approach, Casa Managers can anticipate any potential challenges and swiftly address them, allowing clients to focus on delivering their message to the media and attendees with confidence.

SuperConcierge service for customized press conference planning.

Our SuperConcierge team collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique vision and objectives. They take care of every aspect of the press conference, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring that all custom and unique logistics are expertly coordinated. Whether it’s arranging specialized audiovisual setups, managing VIP guest lists, or coordinating with media outlets, Superconcierge is well-equipped to handle every detail with precision and creativity.

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Discover a Cocoon Press Conference Venue for Rent Near You


Flatiron, NY

3,000 sq./ft tranquil and bright professional photostudio with crisp backgrounds.

$190/hr+ $190/hr+ $310/hr+

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Williamsburg, NY

7,500 sq./ft. airy industrial design with impeccable touches of Mediterranean textiles.

$490/hr+ $505/hr+ $850/hr+



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Untitled design (18)


Williamsburg, NY

Less than 10 minutes from the Montrose Ave. L station, Casa Kino is primely located in Brooklyn’s popular East Williamsburg neighborhood. 

$125/hr+ $125/hr+ $225/hr+

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East Village, NY

Double-height unique historic townhouse.

$305/hr+ $305/hr+ $450/hr+

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What Clients Say About Cocoon Press Conference Venues

“The Cocoon team was very professional. They were very thorough and thoughtful. The space was just like the images and their communication and collaboration helped us have a great press conference!”

Nicholas S.,
Brand Manager

“We rented with Cocoon for a press conference. Cocoon was accommodating to our requests and took care of everything for us so that we could put all of our focus into production and media. The space worked perfectly for our needs. 


Ryan M.,

“The Casa Manager was a dream to work with! When things got a bit hairy, he was easy to reach and dedicated to helping my crew. It was really special having someone else care about your press conference like it was his own. I can’t thank Cocoon enough.”

Rasha C.,
Communications Manager

What Cocoon Can Do for You

Unique Press Conference Venues

Let your message shine in our exceptional press conference venues, designed to elevate your brand and capture the attention of the world.

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With state-of-the-art amenities and customizable layouts, Cocoon Flex Spaces ensures a seamless and memorable press conference experience, leaving attendees and media impressed and engaged.

More Time for Media

Trust that every aspect of the press conference will be flawlessly executed, leaving you free to  build meaningful connections with the media.

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With our extensive network and expertise in the local market, we streamline the retail store search process by presenting a curated selection of available spaces tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each client.  Our comprehensive support services, including onsite assistance and logistics coordination, ensure a smooth and efficient setup process, allowing clients to focus on their core business activities while their store is seamlessly brought to life in the vibrant city of New York.


Property Owner Free Locations

We eliminate the back and forth negotiations with space owners. Cocoon spaces are already cleared for use. Plus, no owners on site.

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Rest assured every Cocoon space is already owner approved and cleared for you to rent. You only communicate with us on space details, cost, and availability.

Onsite Casa Managers

There are always countless details to coordinate. It helps to have an extra hand, especially an event management pro.

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Our Casa Managers are there with you on the day of your booking to do anything you ask. We just need your direction and we can make it happen. We can assist with lighting, delivery and set up, and more.

Super Concierge Service

Precise coordination, extraordinary results. Our concierge service handles all your event details from catering to flowers and decor.

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We create events. We do everything, from “sleek high society New York” to “nature, light and balconies.” We can modify your space to suit you, and the best thing is, we will bring you all the options. All the event calling and wrangling will be handled by us. We are at your service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer event planning services?

Yes! One of the biggest advantages of going with us is you are spared the hassles of searching for caterers, florists, mixologists.

We secure florists, catering, bartending, photographers, party tents, videographers, after-party bar reservations, car services, hair and makeup, nearby hotels, music, cakes and bakeries, photo booth rentals, performers, lighting equipment, furniture rentals, balloons, and decor. Nearly anything you can think of, we can provide. We have an extensive list of event vendors and we present you with options.

Can I bring my own catering company?

If you already have a caterer you like and know, of course you are welcome to use that company. If you do not, we do have an extensive network of caterers. Once you have confirmed your space rental with us, our event team will listen to your must-haves and wishes about food and service (buffet versus table service, for example) and we will release your request to our network and source the best quotes for you.

What is your starting hourly rate for event space rentals?

Our base hourly rate for event space rentals begins at $150/hr with a 4-hour minimum.

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