Casa Duende | Loft & Rooftop

Lower East Side, NY


Casa Duende is a tranquil oasis located on the Lower East Side. This 8,000 sq/ft house with a cellar + 3 floors and a 1,200 sq/ft rooftop boasts 6 beds and 3 baths.

This NYC venue has an upscale Mediterranean feel with a natural aesthetic, top of the line finishings and one of kind art work. Let Casa Duende transport you out of the city and let your imagination run wild in the space.


Casa Duende is fully equipped with projectors, TVs, and a beautiful fireplace making it the perfect location for your next event, meeting or production. This space provides unlimited options with its open layout, versatile backdrops, and plenty of plants and props.


Pricing Disclaimer

The prices shown are our minimum before qualifying your reservation. Additional fees may apply once we have a full understanding of your project, such as: total number of attendees, start and end time of your reservation, vehicles involved (production), the amount of EQ to load in/out, etc. We will provide a quick questionnaire and a full quote before you book the space.

Cleaning Fee

We clean the space before and after each booking to guarantee the space is immaculate for you. Cleaning fees for this space start at $500/1-day booking and vary depending on whether you are booking an event, an offsite meeting, production, or showroom; guest and/or crew size, equipment loading in/out, and more.
Don’t worry, the full cleaning fee will be clearly stated before you book the space.

Casa Manager Fee

One of our selected expert Casa Managers, Cocoon’s official on-site reps, will be on-site - but out of your way - at all times to overview your booking. As experts in that venue and trained in your rental type, they will be your main POC, welcome you in the space, help you load in and out, set up, and guide you through the space in case you need any assistance. Fees start at $450/1-day booking.

Meet our Casa Managers team.


Starting price of each rental category






Monday to Sunday

6am to 12am
Minimum 6 hours for events
Minimum 8 hours for productions, meetings, & showrooms

*Contact us for late night bookings

Inquire about Casa Duende

Casa Duende Amenities

architecture svgrepo com

Mediterranean Architectural Style

Open Kitchen
bohemian bedroom
6 Bedrooms
Natural Light
Natural Light
Projectors + TVs
wood beam svgrepo com

Exposed Wood Beams

pipes intersect svgrepo com

Exposed Pipes

Outdoor Terrace
Outdoor Patio
Unique Bathroom
high capacity wifi
High Capacity WiFi
outdoor dining svgrepo com

Rooftop with Lounge Area

swing svgrepo com

Hanging Chair

stairs svgrepo com

Spiral Stairs

dashboard tile svgrepo com

Tile Decor

plant leaf foliage nature garden svgrepo com

Tropical Plants

brick wall wall svgrepo com

White Brick Walls

wood board wood svgrepo com

Wood Columns

Cocoon Logo Black 02

Cocoon Super Concierge

Casa Duende Amenities Details


2min walk from subway stations

Free street parking.
Parking garage around the corner.
Tech Amenities

Projector + TVs and speakers
High-capacity WiFi

Tables & Seating

Variety of seating and lounge options
Hanging chair
Lounge area on rooftop

Kitchen Appliances

Please speak with your Booking Manager regarding kitchen appliances.

Cooking Utensils

Please speak with your Booking Manager regarding cooking utensils.

Food Prep Appliances

Please speak with your Booking Manager regarding food prep appliances.

Photography EQ & Gear

Please speak with your Booking Manager regarding coordinating additional photography equipment.

Casa Duende FAQs 

What's the venue address?

We will provide the location of the space once a space visit has been organized or the booking has been confirmed. Otherwise, we can provide the cross streets for reference.

What will be the full price?

You will be quoted for the space rental (rental category X headcount) + two mandatory fees: a cleaning fee + the Casa Manager fee. Your quote will be given before you book the space.

Do I need a certificate of insurance?

COI is mandatory for all companies that book us for productions, offsite meetings, and events. For individuals, we can offer trusted, affordable COI suppliers.

Can you share the floor plan of the space?

Yes, we do have floor plans that we can share upon request. Please, check with your Booking Manager.

Is the space ADA accessible?

Unfortunately, this Casa isn’t ADA accessible, although it is on the ground floor.
Please check our ADA-friendly spaces: Casa Avedon and Casa FM.

Do you provide catering or additional rentals and services?

Yes, we can coordinate full catering for your booking. Our Concierge team can also help you coordinate additional rentals or activities for your event or offsite, or coffee and snacks for the crew. We work with a hyper-diverse pool of local vendors, for varying budgets. It’s part of our mission.

Can I schedule a space visit?

Of course, we will be more than happy to show you the space before you confirm your reservation. Make sure to discuss days and times options that work for you with your Booking Manager, and they will make sure to accommodate you in our calendar!

Can the furniture and art be moved?

Absolutely, our on-site Casa Manager will assist you and coordinate the moving of furniture and art as well as the resetting of the space.

Do you have an inventory of the kitchenware?

Yes, we have a full list of the available kitchenware, and appliances, as well as photos of some of them. Please inquire.

COVID: Will my guests be required to show proof of vaccination?

Our team is vaccinated and will wear a mask but you’re not required to collect vaccination cards or wear masks during your event.

Can I use the garage?

Yes – the garage can be used as a staging/production area for your media production rental or as a reception area for your private or corporate event rental. The garage door opens completely and allows direct access to the street level. If you would like to include this space for your booking, please discuss your vision with your Booking Manager so they can best assist you in working within certain guidelines.

Can the facade be modified for my brand activation?

Yes – modifications may be made to the facade pending approval from our team. We’ve had many clients customize the facade of the property in creative ways to further accentuate their event themes. We do, however, have a couple of limitations and guidelines to ensure that the original facade is protected during any modifications and that pedestrians and/or neighbors are not affected. Please consult with your Booking Manager about use of the facade to ensure that you can deliver the space back to the property owner in its original conditions.

Is there an elevator?

Unfortunately, no – this is a townhouse with ground floor access. The space currently does not have an elevator, but you are more than welcome to use the ground floor garage as your staging area.

Do you have a projector and/or a TV screen?

Yes – we do have a project on-site (Epson Home Cinema LS11000 4K PRO-UHD) that you are welcome to use. We also have a wall-mounted TV screen available for your rental.

Does the projector or TV screen cost extra?

No – usage of any projects or screens during your booking is included in your rental fee.

What sound system do you have?

The sound system in this property has been custom-made with some of the best components in the market. From Klipschorms speakers to Crown Audio amplifiers and everything in-between, this is easily one of the best sound systems you may find in an event venue in NYC. Please request a full specs list from your Booking Manager for more information.

Does the sound system cost extra?

No – usage of the sound system during your booking is included in your rental fee.

Do you have DJ equipment available?

Yes – there is DJ equipment available for you or your DJ to use. We do charge an additional fee for usage of this equipment.

Do you have a kitchen on site?

Yes – we have a full semi-professional kitchen on-site – with an oven, multiple microwaves, a stove, a fridge, and ample countertop space for you, your caterer, your chef, or even your prop stylist to use at their convenience.

Is the space noisy from the street?

While the space is not fully sound-proof, the quality and thickness of the walls and windows prevent street noice from being heard from inside the property. Additionally, the street that the property is located on is mostly residential and very quiet. We have hosted many bookings here with certain noise requirements and have not received any complaints from our clients regarding any inconveniences.

Do I have access to the full space?

Yes – you have access to all the areas pictured in the listing as included in your rental fee.

When my guests arrive, how do they access the space?

There will always be at least one dedicated on-site Casa Manager at each booking. We recommend working with your Casa Manager to coordinate instructions for a smooth arrival and entry for your guests. Whether it’s having someone in the lobby or providing a point of contact for your guests / team, your Casa Manager is available to assist.

Can I bring outside food & beverage?

Yes – you may provide food yourself or hire catering for your event, meeting, or production. If you need assistance with this or any additional rentals and services, please notify your Booking Manager of your interest in our concierge services.

Is this a commercial or residential building?

This specific property is zoned as mixed use, both residential and commercial. For this reason, we can allow private and corporate events to go until 2AM at this property.

Is there outdoor space?

Yes – there is a private rooftop in the property that you can access safely from the 3rd floor. Rooftop access is included in your rental fee.

Can I play music outside?

Unfortunately, based on the Mayor’s office guidelines for this type of event venue, no music can be played or performed in the outdoor area.

What lights do you have in the space?

We have hue track lights The main floor (3rd floor) comes equipped with multiple rails of hue lights distributed across the ceiling. These lights offer the entire color range and can be specifically programmed for your event. Our Casa Manager can control them and set specific tones and moods during the event directly from their phone and we can also synchronize the lights with the DJ equipment.

Is there a waterfall?

Yes – there is a working waterfall that can be activated for your event. If you’d like to use this, please discuss with your Booking Manager as we need 48 hours notice to prep everything for the waterfall to operate properly.

Do you have a laundry room?

Yes – we have a laundry room on-site.

Do you have AC and/or central heat?

Yes – we have several AC window units distributed throughout the space as well as a central heating system.

How fast is your Wifi speed?

The average download speed of the wifi connection is 352 Mbps+.

Can I use the fire place?

While we do not allow usage of the fireplace for any Events, Meetings, or Showrooms due to risk of injury, for specific Media Productions, we may grant permission of usage of the fireplace upon reviewing your shot list and team that will be handling the operation. Usage of the fireplace may only be permitted under Casa Manager supervision.

Can I cook on the roof?

Yes – you may use the outdoor fireplace for your event, but only if it is operated by a professional chef and supervised by your on-site Casa Manager.

Do you have noise or equipment limitations?

As per the Mayor’s office, all commercial spaces must end events by 2AM. Media Productions and Meetings don’t have a specific end-time restriction as long as they don’t impact the neighbors. If an Event is taking place on the rooftop, we always ask our clients to be aware of the noise levels so that we don’t affect the day-to-day of our neighbors. Our Casa Manager will always be on-site to help you manage the sound levels so that you can enjoy with your guests without disturbing the neighborhood. As far as equipment is concerned, we don’t have any specific restrictions as long as it doesn’t pose a risk to the property. We do limit the use of smoke/fog machines to those that operate with water-based products only. You will have to notify your Booking Manager in advance if you plan on using smoke/fog machines, any FX tools, and any special equipment that may impact the property. This way, our Team can coordinate as needed and discuss best practices with you beforehand to avoid any damages.

Can I serve alcohol on the roof?

Yes – liquor may be served on the roof. We also have a built-in bar setup on the roof to make this even easier for you!

10 Reviews

5 stars

Check-in ★
Cleanliness ★
Support   ★
Location ★
Value   ★
Holly F.

Holly F.

March 2023 | CORPORATE MEETING | 150 people

One of a kind venue in the heart of LES! The staff were awesome at helping us pull off our last minute event & our guests were blown away by the space. Highly recommend!

Amy M.

Amy M.

February 2023 | PRODUCTIONS | 10 people

Super special and wonderful space!

Joya D.

Joya D.

January 2023 | MEETING | 14 people

Last November, I was bombarding my team with listings of potential board rooms I could rent for a day long retreat. I was kicking off my Mastermind and it was by far, the biggest class I ever had, and the most I had ever charged. I felt I had to get a space commensurate with the level I was at in my business. I came across Casa Duende and I said to my assistant, THIS IS ‘JUST WOW.’ She knows me well: “Should I disregard the other listings and book “JUST WOW?’

From then on, we referred to this spacial space as “JUST WOW.”

Stories aside, the team was very responsive and communicative, which I appreciated. On the ground, they were early ( I love early) and very gracious. We brought in a private chef and everyone walked out feeling very loved. I highly recommend Casa Duende.

Jennylee S.

Jennylee S.

December 2022 | PRIVATE EVENTS | 30 people

I rented this space for my husband’s 40th birthday party. It’s absolutely gorgeous and spacious. Unfortunately, the waterfall wasn’t working but it still gets an A+ for aesthetics and charm. The team was very helpful and communicative. All of our guests had a great time. I would love to rent again.

Danni V.

Danni V.

December 2022 | PRODUCTIONS | 3 people

Great space!

Anita V.

Anita V.

December 2022 | PRODUCTIONS | 15 people

This location worked out great. The staff was very helpful. Would definitely come back.

David A.

David A.

September 2022 | CORPORATE EVENT | 50 people

The pictures really do not do this space justice. First tour of the property and I was stunned at how beautifully designed the space was. Day of the event I was pleasantly surprised to see some amazing upgrades of the rooftop deck. The team were absolutely rockstars and went above and beyond to make sure I was able to not only make sure the event went smooth but that I enjoyed myself. I cannot thank you enough for all of your great work. Was amazing to also interact with the owner and have a bit of downtime with the onsite staff. Elise – she is definitely the one you want as your casa manager. Noah – absolutely appreciate you being so flexible and patient through the entire process even with our last minute pivots and for going above and beyond and helping carry a ton of decor up 3 flights of stairs before I arrived.
I would absolutely love to work with the team again and hope to book this space again in the future!

Sammy Y.

Sammy Y.

June 2022 | OFFSITE MEETINGS | 10 people

Our group had a fabulous experience at the Versatile Photo Studio Flatiron. Everyone (Eduard, Hanna, and the Casa Manager) was super friendly and helpful, and everything went off without a hitch! The space was clean, had cool vibes and great food, and was exactly what my team needed for the last day of our offsite. Would definitely book again without question! 

Sylvia T.

Sylvia T.

October 2022 | PRODUCTIONS | 30 people

Very beautiful large venue. Fit around 30 people seated. Good tech capabilities and service in general, with lots of add on options available.

Roger I.

Roger I.

September 2022 | PRODUCTIONS | 40 people

This space was great for our shoot, we where happy with our host and accomodations.

Where is Casa Duende Located?

Casa Duende - LES, Manhattan

Casa Duende is a tranquil oasis located in the Lower East Side. This 8,000 sq/ft house with a cellar + 3 floors and a 1,200 sq/ft rooftop boasts 6 beds and 3 baths.

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