Casa Tranquila

Rockaway Beach, NY


Casa Tranquila is a serene 2000 sqft. sanctuary located just off Rockaway Beach. Filled with natural sunlight, this spacious, airy home calms guests with wood elements and lush plant greenery. The decor features mosaic tile and plush lounging areas with warm pops of color. 


1. The ground floor has a bright living area, intricate blue-tiled kitchen, and a bathroom with a floor-to-ceiling window view. The first floor provides direct access to the backyard. 
2. The second floor is a masterpiece in entertainment, with a living area with projector, high-end U-shaped sofa, a foosball table, a guest bedroom and bathroom, and access to two outdoor deck areas.
3. The third floor features the master bedroom, a unique bathroom with rain shower and stone floor, and a skylit meditation space.


Perfect for entertaining and team-building or as the set for shoots, the landscaped backyard has a lounge area, trees and shrubbery, and an outdoor shower. It can be accessed through the living area.


Tranquila delivers a relaxed, airy atmosphere perfect for offsite meetings, retreats, workshops and team building. Abundant natural light and a variety of indoor and outdoor backgrounds make it ideal for filming and productions. Tranquila’s unique and design-focused amenities also make it the perfect space to wow guests at any private event.

Pricing Disclaimer

The prices shown are our minimum before qualifying your reservation. Pricing increases based on headcount. Additional fees may apply once we have a full understanding of your project, such as: total number of attendees, start and end time of your reservation, vehicles involved (production), the amount of EQ to load in/out, etc. We will provide a quick questionnaire and a full quote before you book the space.

Cleaning Fee

We clean the space before and after each booking to guarantee the space is immaculate for you. Cleaning fees for this space start at $300/1-day booking and vary depending on whether you are booking an event, an offsite meeting, production, or showroom; guest and/or crew size, equipment loading in/out, and more.
Don’t worry, the full cleaning fee will be clearly stated before you book the space.

Casa Manager Fee

One of our selected expert Casa Managers, Cocoon’s official on-site reps, will be on-site - but out of your way - at all times to overview your booking. As experts in that venue and trained in your rental type, they will be your main POC, welcome you in the space, help you load in and out, set up, and guide you through the space in case you need any assistance. Fees start at $450/1-day booking.

Meet our Casa Managers team.


Starting Rates per Flex Category





Price per Headcount


1-14 — $200/hr
15-24 — $240/hr
25-30— $280/hr
+ Cleaning and Casa Manager Fee

Corporate Events

1-14 — $330/hr
15-24 — $370/hr
25-30— $410/hr
+ Cleaning and Casa Manager Fee

Private Events

1-14 — $315/hr
15-24 — $350/hr
25-30— $390/hr
+ Cleaning and Casa Manager Fee


1-7 — $195/hr
8-14 — $235/hr
15-24 — $275/hr
25-30— $310/hr
+ Cleaning and Casa Manager Fee


Monday to Sunday

6am to 12am
Minimum 6 hours for Productions / Meetings
Minimum 4 hours for Events

*Contact us for late-night bookings

Inquire about Casa Tranquila

Casa Tranquila Amenities

Natural Light

Natural Light on All Rooms

kitchen svgrepo com 2

Open Kitchen

bathtub svgrepo com 2

Unique Japanese Soaking Tub

bohemian bedroom

2 Bedrooms

fireplace svgrepo com 1


wifi svgrepo com

Free Parking

shower svgrepo com 1

Plants for Props

shower svgrepo com 1

Rainfall Shower

wifi svgrepo com

High Capacity WiFi

meditation svgrepo com

Meditation Areas

buddhist lotus svgrepo com

Backyard + 2 decks

shower svgrepo com

Outdoor Shower (Backyard)

apple svgrepo com

Apple TV

projector svgrepo com 3

Wall-Mounted Projector

projector screen thin svgrepo com

Wall-Mounted Projector Screen

Sound System

Cocoon Super Concierge

audio svgrepo com

Bluetooth Surround Sound Speakers

laundry machine svgrepo com 1

Espresso Machine

Casa Tranquila Amenities Details

Tech Amenities
Wall-mounted projector (second floor)
Wall-mounted projector screen (second floor)
Bluetooth surround sound speakers (second floor)
Apple TV
☒ No TVs
Second floor:
1 guest bedroom
The guest bedroom opens to the front-facing deck, and has a glass door. There is also a full curtain for privacy.
Third floor:
1 master bedroom on the third floor
There are 2.5 bathrooms
0.5 bathroom on the ground floor
1 bathroom on the second floor, with a unique Japanese soaking tub 
1 bathroom on the third floor, with natural stone floor throughout, a huge rainfall shower, and plants
1 Stove
1 Fridge
1 Coffee Machine
✓ All furniture, kitchenware, and appliances can be used as props
✓ Cooking is allowed

There is no garage on the property, but parking is free in front of the space.

Casa Tranquila FAQs

What’s the venue address?

We will provide the location of the space once a space visit has been organized or the booking has been confirmed. Otherwise, we can provide the cross streets for reference.

What will be the full price?

You will be quoted for the space rental (rental category X headcount) + two mandatory fees: a cleaning fee + the Casa Manager fee. Your quote will be given before you book the space.

Do I need a Certificate Of Insurance?

COI is mandatory for all companies that book us for productions, offsite meetings, and events. For individuals, we can offer trusted, affordable COI suppliers.

Is the space ADA accessible?

Unfortunately, this Casa isn’t ADA accessible. Please check our ADA-friendly spaces: Casa Avedon and Casa FM.

Do you provide catering or additional rentals and services?

Yes, we can coordinate full catering for your booking. Our Concierge team can also help you coordinate additional rentals or activities for your event or offsite, or coffee and snacks for the crew. We work with a hyper-diverse pool of local vendors, for varying budgets. It’s part of our mission.

Are there blackout blinds for the windows?

There are no blackouts, but we can coordinate the rental of those for your booking if needed.

Can I schedule a space visit?

Of course, we will be more than happy to show you the space before you confirm your reservation. Make sure to discuss days and times options that work for you with your Booking Manager, and they will make sure to accommodate you in our calendar!

Can the furniture and art be moved?

Absolutely, our on-site Casa Manager will assist you and coordinate the moving of furniture and art as well as the resetting of the space.

Do you have an inventory of the kitchenware?

Yes, we have a full list of the available kitchenware, and appliances, as well as photos of some of them. Please inquire.

COVID: Will my guests be required to show proof of vaccination?

Our team is vaccinated and will wear a mask but you’re not required to collect vaccination cards or wear masks during your event.

Is there an elevator?

There is no elevator at this location. The main entrance to the property is on the ground floor.

Will I have access to the outdoor space?

Yes, with your rental, you will be able to access the private backyard space.

Where should I stage the equipment for my media production?

It all depends what areas are you planning to shoot on. Many times, when our clients shot list develops entirely in the indoor space, they like to stage in the backyard – eve with bad weather conditions, tends are allowed and the are able to use the area for staging The house is ample and offer many options for staging if you are also planning to shoot in the outdoor area. Just check with your Booking Manager so they can advise you in the days previous to your shoot.

Are booties required for my media production rental?

Yes, we require booties at this location. We provide booties for all of your team members.

Booties are not required for events and/or offsite meetings.

Can I use the kitchen for prepping and cooking?

Absolutely! Please, make sure to communicate usage of the kitchen to your Booking Manager so we make sure everything is ready to go when you check-in the property.

Can I use the pots and pans?

Communicate with your Booking Manager about usage of any utensils and dish-ware – as they may be off-limits per our property partner. Our Team can coordinate simple and inexpensive rentals for you if what you need is not available on-site.

Do you have central AC or heating?

Yes, Casa Tranquila has both Central Ac and heating.

Can I use the fireplace?

While we do not allow usage of the fireplace for any Events, Meetings, or Showrooms due to risk of injury, for specific Media Productions, we may grant permission of usage of the fireplace upon reviewing your shot list and team that will be handling the operation. Usage of the fireplace may only be permitted under Casa Manager supervision.

How many TVs and projectors do you have?

There is a Digital Projector with a TV screen in the second floor that can be used for your event, production or meeting.

Can I move the artwork?

The majority of the artwork pieces at this location can be moves very easily. Make sure to communicate with your Booking Manager during the pre-reservation stage so we can be ready to help you with artwork pieces removal.

Do you have a laundry room?

Yes – there is a laundry room and it will be available for your Media Production.

How fast is your Wifi speed?

We have WiFi speed up to 200 mbps.

Are there speakers available for my reservation?

Yes, we have Bluetooth surround speakers available for your reservation.

How far is the house from the beach?

Casa Tranquila is only 3 minutes waling distance from the Rockaway Beach.

Where is Casa Tranquila Located?

Casa Tranquila - Rockaway, Beach

Casa Tranquila is a serene 2000 sqft. sanctuary located just off Rockaway Beach. Filled with natural sunlight, this spacious, airy home calms guests with wood elements and lush plant greenery.

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