NYC Meeting Spaces: Top 6 Space Features To Search For

Mar 23, 2023

We are in a new era of meetings – the way we work is constantly evolving and our approach to planning meetings has greatly shifted in recent years as a result. Stuffy, bleak conference rooms with restrictive, non-inspiring seating arrangements are no longer the norm for meeting spaces. More than ever before, we are navigating endless options and flexibility for ways to meet – we now get to choose not only how but also where we collaborate.
We know that virtual meetings are here to stay, and we are all better for it. The convenience of taking calls from home, the office, or anywhere you choose is undoubtedly a game changer. But, here’s the thing – many people are finding themselves so overwhelmed with Zoom calls that they feel they are actually spending less time collaborating with their teammates in-person and building valuable relationships.
Corporate Event Offsite Meeting Venue

Casa FM | Company Offsite

For many of those in the office, a 2022 Bloomberg study reported that Zoom is still an anchoring aspect of their day.

“Although they are often seated just steps from their teammates, employees are regularly glued to their computers with no more collaboration than they would have over Slack sitting at home.”

We also can’t forget about the personal connection factor – Zoom fatigue is a real thing, and according to a 2021 Medium survey, nearly 25% of respondents reported “personal connection” as their biggest challenge in virtual meetings. Virtual meetings seem to miss out on the socialization and relationship-building component that helps spark better teamwork and collaborative ideas, and in turn, we, as companies and employees, are missing out too.

So – how do you find a meeting space and a way to work together that bridges the gap between personal connection and workspace flexibility? Or rather, how do you avoid a work environment that limits team collaboration and stunts productivity? How do you create a workspace that enhances engagement, motivates minds, and still meets your team goals?

The answer is so simple it’s often overlooked. Rent an offsite meeting space.


Conference Room Work Space Offsite Meetings

Casa Janka | Versatile Conference Room Setup

The benefits of holding an offsite meeting are numerous. Most importantly, it gets your team out of their everyday setting and into a new space to freely focus, contribute, and organize.

According to a recent SalesForce 360 blog, offsite meetings bring people together to bond and strengthen company and team culture.

We tapped in with some of Cocoon’s top offsite meeting clients and partners to discover some of their must-have features when booking an offsite meeting.

Here are six of the top answers along with some of our spaces that best meet the criteria.

1. A Convenient Location

An offsite meeting space should be no harder to find and access than your office. After all, the goal of meeting offsite is to minimize distractions so you have more time to focus on your goals and objectives. Whether the location is central to multiple subway lines or has convenient street parking options, the best meeting spaces are well-located so that you can focus on your meeting.

Casa Avedon

Located in Flatiron, Manhattan, Casa Avedon is a 3000 sq/ft meeting venue and one of our top booked spaces. With a convenient ground floor location, meeting entry and exit, setting up for your meeting and loading / unloading is less time-consuming and task-heavy. Avedon features a library, various seating options, break-out rooms, a kitchen, high capacity WiFi, and more. There is also available street parking on neighboring streets. Learn More

Casa Avedon Showroom Event 4

Casa Avedon | The Library Room 

Casa FM

Casa FM is a 7,500 sq/ft two-story paradise in Williamsburg, Brooklyn just across the street from popular McCarren Park. It’s large open space, natural lighting, and multiple floors lends itself well to various layout designs for all types of meetings. FM’s prime location also places it just minutes from Greenpoint. For convenience, Casa FM also offers free street parking. Learn More

Corporate Meeting

Casa FM | Company Offsite with Projector Presentation 

2. More Than Enough Space

Space to breathe, space to think, space to move, space to collaborate. Your team’s ambition is greater than any snug meeting or conference room. High ceilings, lofty features, and large open floor plan layouts help eliminate the physical boundaries of most traditional meeting spaces and open up more space for opportunity. More space reduces feelings of separation and isolation among teammates, and more shared space means easier and more simplified communication.

Casa Estrella

Perfect for large meetings, corporate events, team-building workshops, and employee retreats, Casa Estrella is a 3,400 sq/ft architectural marvel in Manhattan’s East Village, featuring an outdoor terrace, 24-foot high ceilings, and over 13 rooms. Having previously hosted both celebrities and royalty, Estrella’s expansive 25-ft wide floor plan includes a 14 ft x 9 ft projector screen, Apple TV & speakers, fully automated custom lighting, high capacity WiFi, and more. Parking is also located in front of the space. Learn More

cocoon estrella3

Casa Estrella | Large Open Floor With Projector Screen

Casa Adria

For smaller meetings, Casa Adria is a 2,000 sq/ft space in Brooklyn with a unique railroad style layout and large commercial kitchen. Adria also features a dedicated office space set-up along with a lounge area for team breakouts. Adria amenities include high capacity WiFi, a projector and screen, Apple TV and AirPlay and more. Learn More

cocoon adria prop kitchen island

Casa Adria | Open Loft Layout with Commercial Kitchen

3. Room to Lounge

Have you ever sat in a really stiff office chair? The range of movement, or lack thereof, is uncomfortable and limiting, to say the least. It can be a rigid distraction as you move through your meeting. When it comes to meeting space, comfortable and versatile seating options are commonly overlooked. It’s not enough to just have a place to sit. Employees want a seat at the table, but they also want a seat in the nearby huddle space, at the desk with the best natural light, or in the comfy lounge section with their teammates. 

Casa Aurora

Located in Bushwick, Casa Aurora is an 1,830 creative loft office space with abundant natural light, 2 walls of windows, and an open airy layout. Aurora’s range of seating options is just as impressive, featuring custom furniture for lounging, 6 work tables, and 3 glass conference rooms with tables and chairs for breakout sessions. The space is also equipped with high capacity WiFi, 3 T.Vs, Sonos speakers, a wireless printer and more. Learn More

IMG 5818

Casa Aurora | Team Offsite Presentations with Breakout Rooms

Casa Duende

An 8000 sq/ft townhouse on the Lower East Side, Casa Duende is a tranquil Mediterranean oasis featuring three floors of versatile meeting space and a variety of seating and lounge options including hanging chairs and a rooftop lounge space. Duende also offers a range of unique amenities including a 1,200 sq/ft rooftop space, an indoor waterfall, three bathrooms, T.V.s and projectors, high capacity Wi-Fi, and more. Learn More

Cocoon CasaDuende 2

Casa Duende | Lush, Mediterranean-inspired Space with Open Floorplan

4. More Views, More Light.

Who doesn’t love a good view? According to a 2021 Medium article, the ability for workers to actually see green space has shown clear benefits in worker mental health and productivity. And when it comes to natural light, productivity only increases. A May 2018 NBC News article reported that workers seated near optimized natural light reported an 84% drop in symptoms of eyestrain, headache, and blurred vision, and a 10% decrease in drowsiness.

Casa Caeli

When it comes to outstanding views and warm, natural light, few spaces top Casa Caeli. A 3,000 sq/ft loft space in Brooklyn, Caeli sits at the heart of Greenpoint with unbeatable indoor and outdoor views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines. Caeli features a two-story open floor plan layout, full kitchen, 3 bathrooms, high capacity WiFi,  two breakout rooms, and a sunny rooftop terrace overlooking the city. Learn More

Caeli Meeting28

Casa Caeli | Rooftop Meeting Overlooking Manhattan Skyline

Casa Boto

From its white brick walls to its vibrant pops of color and art, Boto is a sun-kissed vision from the moment you enter. Located in Tribeca, Boto’s abundant natural light is a result of its large single-hung windows. Boto’s lighting accentuates the sleek darkwood floors and elegant interior amenities, and with an 800 sq/ft rooftop deck, meeting attendees can take full advantage of Boto’s sunlit open air space and panoramic NYC views. This meeting space is also home to 12ft – 14ft high ceilings, a full kitchen, two bathrooms, high capacity WiFi, and free street parking. Learn More

cocoon boto Living room with with swing pink rug glass fireplace unique art and plants
Casa Boto | A well-lit space, designed to inspire

5. Meeting Venues for Teams of All Sizes

There are teams that thrive in larger spaces, but there are also those that flourish in a smaller, more intimate setting. Everyone doesn’t need a full-sized meeting space. Smaller spaces like meeting rooms often provide a more comfortable atmosphere to build relationships and cultivate new ideas. Meeting rooms and conference rooms don’t have to be or feel so closed in and confined. Rent meeting rooms with unique floor plans, skylights, private breakout areas and more. Big ideas happen in smaller spaces.

Casa Janka

Casa Janka is a 4,000 sq/ft space in Chinatown with up to 4 rooms to rent for meetings. From a skylit cafe to a rooftop workspace, each meeting room at Janka gives a unique vibe. Fully stocked with a kitchenette, sound system, AV projector, and an ample variety of seating options, Janka offers a variety of meeting rooms for rent in Manhattan. Learn More

casa janka studio 3 12
Casa Janka | A Versatile Space, Suitable For Any Layout

6. Customized Support for Maximum Productivity

Organizing a meeting and booking a meeting space can often be a time-consuming task, and once you get in the space, there are often a lot of unknowns. How do you adjust the A/C? What do you do if you get locked out of the space? Are there any good places to eat nearby?

No matter the space or feature, the team at Cocoon offers end-to-end space and event management. Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Booking Manager committed to help you achieve your meeting goal and vision. We assist with meeting planning including set-up and clean-up, food and beverage coordination, sourcing speakers and equipment and more.

On the day of your booking, there is a Casa Manager onsite throughout the meeting to ensure that you are familiar with the space and able to move freely through it. Casa Managers reduce risk and ensure that you and your team are free to focus on your goals. They can assist with changing the light, adjusting the heat or AC, ordering lunch, closing the blinds, and just about anything you ask for.

Before planning your next meeting, consider an offsite meeting space for your team to enhance engagement, increase team-building, and boost productivity.

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