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From simple to extravagant, Cocoon will help you create a meaningful proposal that you’ll talk about for years. Planning a wedding proposal can be daunting. It can also be complicated, whether you know exactly how you want to do it but need help pulling it off or are overwhelmed with all the proposal ideas floating around the internet, our team of experts can help create an experience that’s true to you. Cocoon has a serious range of design-focused spaces to fit any engagement style.

Wedding Proposal Venues to Rent in New York City


Prospect Heights, NY

4,200 sq/ft  historic beauty built in 1899 with 3 stories of modern and elegant finishings and furnishings.

$360/hr+ $360/hr+ $470/hr+

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Greenpoint, NY

Contemporary warm 3,000 sq./ft. 2 story penthouse loft with unbeatable rooftop views of Manhattan.

$355/hr+ $355/hr+ $525/hr+

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Williamsburg, NY

7,500 sq./ft. airy industrial design with impeccable touches of Mediterranean textiles.

$490/hr+ $505/hr+ $850/hr+

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 How Booking a Wedding Proposal Venue
with Cocoon Works

Tell us about your wedding proposal in New York City

A member of our team will assess your needs to qualify your reservation to ensure we are able to make your vision a reality.

We work with you to custom build your dream proposal

We will assign a dedicated support person to help organize admin, catering, vendors, and logistics.

Have a seamless experience in our spaces

At least one Casa Manager will be onsite during your reservation to ensure everything runs smoothly day-of.

What People Are Saying about Our Wedding Proposal Venues in NYC

Prateek A.

“Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. The Cocoon staff were so incredible in helping me plan a post-proposal surprise event for my now-fiance! Working with Cocoon is more than just booking a space everything from coordinating with the a private chef, having groceries delivered, coordinating with guests, securing a decorator to make the space look pretty, setting up the tech, etc. was taken care of. The entire team was extremely responsive the entire time & I never had a fear of not being able to reach them. The space, in itself, is gorgeous – my friends & I were constantly looking around for design inspirations. Overall, I could not have pulled this off without the support of the Cocoon team. Thank you for being a part of this important life event!”

Irwin S.

“Great space! It was perfect for what we needed.Cocoon was a wonderful hosts.”

Brooke W.

“Cocoon is a wonderful host. They are very helpful, organized, and responsive. They made the booking process incredibly easy, and always took the time to clarify any questions we had. I would absolutely book a space through Cocoon and his team in the future. We couldn’t have asked for a better host.”

We Handle Everything

We offer a one-stop shop. When you rent one of our wedding proposal venues in New York City, we will also help you plan the wedding proposal and handle all the coordination and logistics. Our goal is to make your wedding proposal everything you want it to be. Let our customer experience team work with you to custom build your perfect proposal and turn your vision into a reality. We do all the work. Our services include: florists, catering, bartending, photographers, party tents, videographers, after-party bar reservations, car services, music, cakes, photo booth rentals, performers, lighting equipment, furniture rentals, balloons, and decor. Anything you need, we can provide.

A Proposal for Everyone

Do it on a Rooftop

We have rooftops with killer views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Skyline, consider dressing up the space with floral bouquets, candles or other details. Go up to watch the sunset and then get down on one knee. Beautiful and intimate.

Create an Insta-worthy moment

Want to go all out? We’ll help you find the florists, candles, decor, and props to create the most romantic photogenic wedding proposal you can imagine. We can arrange for a photographer or videographer and coordinate bottles of champagne to keep the momentum going after they say yes. All our spaces are designed-focus and offer an abundance of natural light creating the optimal backdrop for your Insta-worthy proposal.

Make it a party

Rent out a beautiful NYC loft or penthouse, and invite friends and family to join in on the celebration after you pop the question. Cocoon will help transform the space from an intimate setting for just the two of you to prepping the space for a full engagement party with family and friends. Why wait to celebrate? Start flowing the champagne and turn your proposal into an unforgettable party your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.

Incorporate Music to your Wedding Proposal venue in NYC

Sometimes romance requires igniting all the senses. Cocoon will help you hire a band and set up before the proposal so you can serenade your partner into saying yes. Imagine, a full band playing your song on a rooftop overlooking the Manhattan Skyline. They’ll think they stepped into a movie.

Dinner for Two

What’s more romantic than a home cooked meal for your Wedding Proposal? Hiring a professional chef to cook up an amazing experience in an exquisite NYC penthouse for just the two of you. Cocoon can help organize a chef dinner in one of our impeccable spaces with a pro-kitchen. Enjoy the food, enjoy the wine, enjoy each other. It’s sure to be a night you both won’t forget.

Where Are Our Wedding Proposal Venues Located?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a space with Cocoon?

Contact us and tell us about your event. A member of our customer experience team will assess your needs to ensure we are able to make your vision a reality.

If you decide to move forward, the event manager with whom you spoke will visit the space with you in person and take further notes on your ideas, and will begin organizing decor, catering, other vendors as needed (such as djs, live music, a/v tech, etc.), logistics, and insurance. For the day of the wedding, you will be assigned at least one Casa Manager (depending on the size of the event) who will be onsite with you to ensure everything runs smoothly and to help coordinate deliveries, guest arrivals, and anything else you may need.

How much advance notice do you need to run an event?

Two to three months in advance is an ideal time to reach out to us, reserve your space, and to have us start working out logistics. That said, we can also work quickly, so we can also handle much shorter windows of time.

What type of services do you offer for weddings?

We offer a complete array of event services to handle your wedding. Our goal is to make sure you have the experience you want, so we have an expert event professional work with you one-on-one. You tell us your vision and we will source all the options. Unlike other wedding planners, we also rent space, so we start with your sharing what kind of wedding you envision—a sophisticated evening with dancing, daytime light-drenched loft, outdoor spaces, and much more.

When the foundational element of space is selected, we consult with you step-by-step to build from there. We bring all the options to you and you choose—your life will not come to a standstill during this process, you provide direction and we do all the work.

We arrange for the florists, catering, bartending, photographers, party tents, videographers, after-party bar reservations, car services, hair and makeup, nearby hotels, music, cakes and bakeries, photo booth rentals, performers, lighting equipment, furniture rentals, balloons, and decor. Anything you need, we can provide.

On the day of your wedding, a Casa Manager will be onsite the entire time to handle everything. Your first day of married life will be utter bliss and stress-free.

Can I bring my own catering company?

If you already have a caterer you like and know, of course you are welcome to use that company. If you do not, we do have an extensive network of caterers. Once you have confirmed your space rental with us, our event team will listen to your must-haves and wishes about food and service (buffet versus table service, for example) and we will release your request to our network and source the best quotes for you.

It is important to note that we believe strongly in supporting our vendor communities to create a diverse business ecosystem in NYC. This means that we do not accept payments from vendors to be listed with us, we do not add a markup of our own to their quotes, and we are constantly seeking to include new and talented vendors in our network.

What are my payment options?

Credit card, wire transfer, direct deposit, and Paypal.

Would any of your spaces be good for a small wedding of 100 guests?

Yes, many of our spaces would be suitable for a small wedding of under 100 guests depending on your style and vision for your wedding. Consult with our event management team, they can help you find the perfect space that fits your needs.

Do I need insurance to use your spaces?

Yes. We can help you with this. For weddings, we partner with a few insurance providers and our management team can work with you to get an insurance quote that meets your budget and needs.

Reasons to Host Your Event With Cocoon

We are Pros


We area pro staff highly experienced in production that takes care of all your needs. Cocoon offers end-to-end services that feature every conceivable need you will have including prop and furniture sourcing and rental, hair and make up professionals, make up and hair stations, clothing rack rental, light rental and set up, music, catering, literally, anything you can think of.

Our Casa Managers Are There For You


Our onsite Casa Managers are there before, during and after your event to make sure everything about the location is perfect. All your production assistants will stay dedicated to the work at hand: if the air conditioning needs adjusting, if you need an updated lunch order, if someone needs directions, we are on it. You are free to do your best work.

More Done in Less Time


We are smartly priced and help you save the most valuable thing: your peace of mind. By offering spaces that are professionally managed and homeowner-free and comprehensive event services, our pro team helps you get more done in less time, and saves you money in the long run.

Supporting the Small NYC Business


We’re here to make the city better for small businesses and communities in need. Cocoon was founded with the idea of helping to create the city of the future, where more people have access to great public space and where small businesses can thrive. We regularly scout communities of color to locate and partner with talented emerging vendors, and our business plan is to drive our profits after start-up into funding community projects.

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